The Nightmare Continues: New Line to Bring Back Freddy


New Line Cinema is planning on making a new installment of the Nightmare on Elm St franchise, allowing Freddy Krueger to terrify a new generation of teenagers.

The production company Platinum Dunes, also responsible for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre redux, is set to take over Freddy’s future exploits.

If there’s anyone in Hollywood that scares movie goers more than Mr. Krueger, it is surely Platinum Dunes partner Michael “Pearl Harbor” Bay.

Along with Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, the Platinum Dunes triumvirate are also set to relaunch the Friday the 13th series, as well as remake … wait for it… Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.

Perhaps I’m being too hard on Mr Bay, who recently won some credibility in my books by not ruining the Transformers franchise.

New Line has not divulged any information on the actual project, except that they will not be hiring a writer until the Writers Guild strike has been settled.

Robert Englund, the original Freddy, has claimed interest in portraying the undead serial killer one more time, in what would have to be a tongue-in-cheek prequel.

We will have to wait and see whether New Line will be able to poke fun at the lovable sociopath, or give us a new and improved (if that’s possible) Freddy.

– Simon

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