That’s Today?!

Yes, today is St Valentine’s Day; when young lovers and devoted couples flood the cinemas for that perfect post-dinner appetizer.

However, when it comes to choosing the perfect Valentine’s day movie, the pressure is on.

From a male’s perspective, there is always a fine line to tread in choosing a movie your date will enjoy, and that you will find bearable.

For example, if you take your date to see Alien vs Predator: Requiem, you are likely to only receive a handshake at the end of the night.

Then again, if you choose a film with attractive leads, a zany plot, and a heavy dose of romance, you’ll end up seeing Fool’s Gold, and will regret it for the rest of your life.

So if you’re are unsure about your film tonight, my tip is Juno; its funny, its sweet, its romantic, and most importantly, its great.

Also worth checking out is the big Valentine’s release Definitely, Maybe. It stars the hilarious Ryan Reynolds who has been waiting ten years for a worthwhile starring role. Also starring Isla Fisher, Elizabeth Banks and Rachel Weisz, the film has a big heart.

Saying that, if you can convince your date to go see There Will Be Blood, then you’ve got yourself a keeper.

To get yourself in the mood, take a gander at our Top 10 Romantic Moments Collection.

Add them to your queue, and make every night of the next couple weeks Valentine’s.

Then she’ll forgive you for taking her to see Alien vs Predator: Requiem.

– Simon

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