Toys, Toys, Toys, Toys, Toys, Toys…

TOYS! The coolest toys of 2008 have been revealed at the 105th American International Toy Fair this past week.

It’s very exciting because of some of the secret clues that have been revealed in the collectibles for these upcoming films. Firstly, check out the cool Hellboy and Iron Man toys above prepped for release.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull will probably be one of the biggest films of 2008. The range of Indy Lego was revealed at the Toy Fair, with Shia LaBeouf, Harrison Ford and Cate Blanchett all immortalised in tiny, bendable versions. However, this particular Lego(man?) had people scratching their own crystal skulls:

An alien skeleton? So does this mean the rumours that were floating around last year about Indy squaring off against aliens are true? Either way, the film and its toys look terrific. Have a gander at the teaser trailer a few blog posts down.

The Joker figurine from the new Batman flick, The Dark Knight, is set to become the major collectible of 2008. There were doubts about releasing the toy since the death of Heath Ledger, but a release date for the toys has been set in May, a month before the film debuts around the world.

This blurry image of the Two-Face figurine is the first hint as to how Aaron Eckhart will look as the horribly scarred politician Harvey Dent. Christopher Nolan has revealed that The Dark Knight will focus on the origin of Two-Face, as he goes from an ally of Bruce Wayne to the enemy of Batman.

Finally, check out Batman’s sweet ride:

– Simon

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