Iron Man and Captain America Save The Hulk!


With only a couple of days to go before the new Hulk is unleashed around the world, a couple of exciting prospects are being dangled in front of audiences.

The first is a cameo appearance by Robert Downey Jnr as weapons magnate Tony Stark, best known as Iron Man.

It looks like Marvel are hoping to shed some of their negative buzz (difficult lead actor, frequently rewritten script, Liv Tyler) by reminding people how awesome Iron Man was.

A new advertisement for the Big Green Man features Stark front and centre, which is no surprise considering Iron Man has grossed $530 million worldwide. Enjoy:

However, RDJ’s appearance may not be the only superhero cameo in the film.

Director Louis Leterrier has hinted that Captain America himself will make an appearance in The Incredible Hulk.

Marvel is also producing the Captain America film adaptation – however they haven’t announced who’s been cast in the title role yet! Rumours of Matthew McConaughey were appropriately laughed off.

Early screenings have not yet revealed any sightings of the good captain. The likeliest explanation is that the scene has not been attached to any pre-release reels of the film.

Jon Favreau used this same trick on Iron Man – saving Samuel L. Jackson’s killer post-credit appearance as Nick Fury until the film’s worldwide release. Man alive, that was a good movie.

In my mind I had written this film off many months ago. However, I’ve become genuinely excited to see this new Hulk. Early reviews are even comparing the picture’s tension level with The Bourne Ultimatum – and that’s no mean feat.
I wonder if I’ll be the only one at the cinema this Thursday – or will Tony Stark be able to help out his angry, misunderstood younger brother, and save the day once again.

UPDATE: Letterier has announced that the scene featuring Captain America has been taken out of the final cut of The Incredible Hulk. Fortunately, the clip will make it onto the interweb sometime this week – so watch this space.

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