Burn After Reading – Another Coen Classic

source: cinematical.com

The Coen Brothers have released the first poster for their latest film, Burn After Reading.

This poster is one of the most appealing I’ve seen lately, bravely leaving the stars faces out of sight in place of a tribute to legendary print-maker Saul Bass.

Described as a screwball spy comedy, Brad Pitt and Frances McDormand play gym employees who stumble across an ex-espionage agent’s VERY revealing memoirs.

George Clooney plays the intermediary between the blackmailing Pitt and McDormand, and John Malkovich’s spy. Tilda Swinton and J.K Simmons also star.

Check out the hilarious trailer (and Brad Pitt’s strange hairdo) here: (Some moderate coarse language)

This film is the conclusion of George Clooney’s self confessed ‘Idiot Trilogy’, which began with 2001’s O Brother Where Art Thou and 2004’s Intolerable Cruelty.

Joel and Ethan Coen might be the most versatile writer/directors in history, managing to veer from outrageous comedy to unbearably tense thrills – sometimes within the same film. Burn After Reading looks like it could become another classic.

These boys have a habit of finding posters that define the exact mood and style of their films. Looking back at some of their classic prints just reminds me of how much I love each of them. Everyone has a favourite; let us know which Coen Brother’s classic is yours:

Click on the poster to add the film to your queue:

or click here to check out the rest of their back catalog.


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