"Disaster Movie" Trailer Debuts – World Worse Off

source: slashfilm.com

Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the “directors” behind films such as Epic Movie and Date Movie have returned, with a film entitled … well, guess.

These guys have made a career out of stringing together scenes from other, more popular movies, making them worse, and then charging people to see them. Watching their films is like listening to a mixtape of songs you love, except they’ve all been rerecorded on a Casio keyboard.

Disaster Movie spoofs popcultural landmarks such as Juno, Superbad, Enchanted, Sex and the City, Hancock… ah, wait. Hancock’s not even out yet. It hasn’t even been given a chance to become a part of pop culture!

As for the trailer – surely this is fake. I don’t even get why the jokes are funny. Iron Man is crushed by a falling cow for no apparent reason; the princess from Enchanted gets mowed down by a car; Juno fights Carrie Bradshaw. Salvador Dali would be impressed, because this is the most surreal two minutes i’ve ever seen on film.


This movie looks awful. Never see it.

2 Responses to “"Disaster Movie" Trailer Debuts – World Worse Off”

  1. Kill me now!Cant these movies just die??

  2. I want my money back….absolutely the stupidest movie I have everseen. We wanted to get out after fifteen minutes of this crude humor.I couldn’t believe the number of young teens that were in therewatching this trash (without parents I might add). If the theatershad to offer a satisfaction guarantee, this type of movie would soonfade out of existence. Did I mention I want my money back?

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