Eagle Eye Trailer Debut – LaBeouf/Spielberg Do It Again

source: http://www.eagleeyemovie.com/

The latest trailer for action/thriller Eagle Eye has landed online – and it looks great.

Shia LaBeouf has teamed up again with Disturbia director D.J Caruso for this flick, based on an idea from executive producer Steven Spielberg.

Spielberg has trusted LaBeaouf with two major franchises in the last couple of years (Transformers and Indiana Jones), and you would be hard pressed to disagree that the 22-year-old has become a pretty appealing lead.

We’ve decided to post both trailers because, 1) they are both equally awesome, and 2) To apologise for posting the Disaster Movie trailer below.

Here is the original teaser:


And now, the theatrical trailer:


Isn’t it great to see an action movie trailer, and not knowing exactly what is going to happen.

Eagle Eye is released September 25th, one month after Disaster Movie. For the love of God, save your money and see this instead.

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