First Look at American Kath and Kim

Here is the first picture of Molly Shannon and Selma Blair as Kath & Kim in the U.S adaptation of the hit aussie show.

The new American version will still focus on the same basic story of perky Kath and her spoilt daughter Kim. It will be set in the suburbs of Florida.

It’s clear that the duo will remain as unfortunately-clothed as their predecessors, albeit with a slightly more U.S feel.

Blair (Hellboy, Legally Blonde) recently defended the show at the Hellboy 2 premiere in L.A, as Australian bloggers claim this new version will “ruin” the original.

Note to bloggers: Chill … out. Kath & Kim isn’t exactly The Godfather. Kath & Kim isn’t even The Godfather Part 3. I think it’s safe to say that a remake won’t exactly destroy television as we know it.

While Kath & Kim is a great show (and well-loved for many, many reasons) I have complete faith in this U.S reboot. Anyone who has seen Molly Shannon’s work on Saturday Night Live knows she is a hilarious lady, and John Michael Higgins (Best in Show, Arrested Development) will be hilarious as Kath’s man Phil (nee Kel).

The remake is being developed by Ben Silverman at NBC, who also remade The Office for American television. Now the original Office is one of the greatest show’s ever. Silverman managed to successfully translate the subtleties of that show into a U.S version, and now the Steve Carell helmed Office is both critically acclaimed and adored by its audience.

Sure, not everything successful needs to be remade (Halloween, The Wicker Man). But if done by professionals with great care, I say let them do what they want.

And by the way Australia – remember when we tried our own version of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Who’s ashamed now?

Kath & Kim will air later this year.

Check out the Kath and Kim back catalogue at our Girl’s Night In collection.

2 Responses to “First Look at American Kath and Kim”

  1. well it is so stewpid that their is an US kath and kim these are my reason 1. the girl who plays kim is not fat or wears tight clothes2. the girl who plays kath isnt wearing her weird clothes either 3. and it will mess up the whole show because the aussie kath and kim use the aussie accentsand their slang and all that and it wont make any scents like when kel and kath say “bloody howard” what are the americans gonna say “bloody bush” i mean its stupid 4. US kath and kim should be taken off air oh and can u plz have some pictures of what sharon, kel and brett will look like

  2. american kath and kim is so pointless. the whole reason the aus kath and kim is funny is because they are mad bogans (american – trailer trash). take that out and your left with nothing.

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