Ace Ventura 3 – Makes "Disaster Movie" Look Watchable


Hmm, I think the title for this blog post is a little inaccurate. After all, absolutely nothing could make “Disaster Movie” bearable in the slightest way. However, a new Ace Ventura installment could possibly steal its crown as the worst film of 2008.

Ace Ventura 3 (or possibly Ace Ventura Jr) will star Josh Flitter as Ace’s 12-year-old son Ace Jr. Ace Snr has run off and abandoned Junior and his mother Melissa, who both work in a zoo. Then his mother is accused of stealing a baby panda, and Ace Jr has to clear her name blah blah seriously this movie sounds so awful its impossible to even complete a synopsis without feeling a little ill.

Maybe you think I’m being harsh on this film. Take a look at this picture of Flitter as Ace Junior, and just try to not punch your computer screen.


While Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls weren’t exactly Shakespeare, they were very funny films that were the perfect vehicles for Jim Carrey‘s rubber-faced abilities. Carrey is wisely not reprising his role as the manic pet detective in this third installment.

Originally, the film was expected to go straight-to-dvd. For some reason, Warner’s is now considering bringing the films to theatres in September.

I hate to leave on a bad note, so here is another trailer for The Dark Knight:

The Dark Knight opens in one week. There is literally no acceptable excuse for not seeing it.

Oh, and Ace Ventura 3 will come out eventually aswell. God help us.

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