Beverly Hills Chihuahua – History’s Greatest Mistake


Congratulations Disaster Movie – it looks like you might not be the worst film of 2008. Well, it probably will – but it has certainly been beaten in the worst trailer department. That crown now goes to Beverly Hills Chihuahua, a Disney production that is both vomit inducing, and kind of offensive.

The trailer for this horrible, horrible mess has been circulating on the internet for about a month now. Its popularity has spiked wih many posting reaction videos on youtube – basically a video of people watching the trailer, and reacting accordingly (for instance, a young man places a noose around his neck at about the 1min 40 mark).

Anyway, you really have to see it to understand – so here it is:

For those who didn’t find that disturbing enough, here is the German version:

Does Hollywood feel that we have been spoilt with too many good movies this year? Is this why they have to deliver us Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Ace Ventura Jr? Or are we still being karmically punished for those who saw Meet the Spartans?

At least we’ve gotten a good drinking game out of it – take a shot everytime they say Chihuahua. Or, take a drink everytime you want to drive your head through the computer screen. It’s about the same amount.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua will come to cinemas at some point I suppose.

One Response to “Beverly Hills Chihuahua – History’s Greatest Mistake”

  1. This is one of the worst movies ever made

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