Pixar – Greatest Filmmakers Ever?

source: rottentomatoes.com

To coincide with their 10th anniversary, Rotten Tomatoes have released a list of the best reviewed films for each of the last 10 years. Looking at the list can only lead to one conclusion – Pixar is the greatest film studio of the decade, if not of all time.

Pixar Studios – Giant “Luxo”

For those who don’t know, Rotten Tomatoes creates a percentage score for each film based on hundreds of reviews. Listed are the best reviewed films of each year.

1998 – The Truman Show
1999 – Toy Story 2
2000 – Chicken Run
2001 – Monster’s Inc
2003 – Finding Nemo
2004 – The Incredibles
2005 – Murderball
2006 – The Queen
2007 – Ratatouille

As you can see, Pixar have created 5 of the 10 best reviewed films of the decade. Not only that, Toy Story 2 has a score of 100%, making it the best reviewed film, ever! It looks like they may take the crown for 2008 aswell, with Wall-E currently sitting on 97%. (NB: Incredibles and Ratatouille writer/director Brad Bird also created The Iron Giant, which came 3rd in 1999.)

Pixar have dominated the Best Animated Picture Oscar in the last few years, as well as scoring a few Best Original Screenplay nominations. But is it time for Pixar to move into the big leagues? I’ve mentioned earlier Wall-E’s possible Best Picture nomination in a prior post.

Do animated films deserve Oscars for writing and direction? I say, a very big YES! In an age where even Crash can win Best Picture, I think it’s definitely time for Pixar to get their due. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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