Watchmen Trailer Debut – Eye-Bleedingly Good


Sure, we were disappointed when the trailer for Watchmen didn’t screen before the The Dark Knight. The same goes for the similarly promised trailer for the new Terminator film. Thankfully, both have made it online.

Billy Crudup as John Osterman/Dr Manhattan

We’ve already mentioned the Terminator: Salvation trailer. We thought it looked cool. Then the trailer for Zach Snyder‘s Watchmen hit the web. Wait untill you see this:

If you’re wondering what that last scene is – it’s Doctor Manhattan building a glass palace on Mars. Notice how Synder doesn’t film it as if it’s the greatest moment in cinema, but instead zooms out letting us see it all slowly. Perfect.

Never in a million years could I have pictured such a faithful adaptation of the beloved graphic novel. Not only that, iconic images from the original comic POP here in a way that matches, and sometimes exceeds the original amazing animations.

Nite Owl and Silk Spectre 2 break into prison.

To learn about the history of the Watchmen, and see some Comic Panel/Film Scene comparisons, check our earlier posting “Who Watches the Watchmen?”.

Otherwise, prepare yourself for the March, 2009 release date. But get ready for a long slog. Snyder is trying to cut his 3 and a half hour edit to 2 hours 25 mins. Trust me. Were going to need at least 3 hours to get this thing right.

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