The Dark Knight – Literally Best Movie Ever


The Dark Knight has been out for 5 days, and already the world has improved immeasurably. We at Quickflix knew it was going to be amazing, and it seems the ENTIRE WORLD agrees.

I made a couple of predictions before The Dark Knight was released: 1) that it would have the biggest opening weekend in history, making $160 million in the U.S, and 2) that it would be the greatest film ever made.

First of all, it seems my $160 prediction was a little high. However, it is being reported that The Dark Knight did indeed rake in $155.3 million, and has broken Spiderman 3’s record.

Second, while my claims that The Dark Knight would become the Citizen Kane of 2008 may have been misguided fanboy excitement, it seems it was a spot-on prediction. The IMDB top 250 films of all time records thousands of votes from all over the world based on a film’s rating out of 10. Check out where TDK sits currently:

Eat it, Coppola.

So is a Best Picture nomination REALLY in range for The Dark Knight? Or as the weeks go on will the adulation fade? First question – yes. Second question – no. Go see The Dark Knight.

Check out our five-star review for The Dark Knight.

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