Who Should Play Robin Hood in Ridley Scott’s "Nottingham"?

Over the last couple of months there has been a lot of speculation over who is going to play Robin Hood in Ridley Scott‘s film Nottingham.

Russell Crowe is signed on to play the Sherriff of Nottingham, who this time will be the hero, while Robin Hood will be the villain. Since Scott can’t decide, we put it up to our readers to choose the best Robin from a list of likely candidates. And…it looks like we can’t choose either!

1. James McAvoy and Christian Bale

The young scot and the now-legendary brit received 26% of the vote each. McAvoy has made a name for himself in some astounding early roles in The Last King of Scotland and Atonement. He is also starring in the upcoming Wanted with Angelina Jolie. I think McAvoy has a bit of the cheeky charm that could make a villainous Robin Hood seem more lovable than anything else. Christian Bale on the other hand, could be truly ominous, and maybe even a frightening Hood. Originally the front-runner for the role, it seems people rushed home from The Dark Knight to vote for him as a worthy Robin Hood. However, rumours of Bale taking the main role have been quashed. Fair enough really. I think this guy will be busy enough playing John Connor.

2. Clive Owen and Cate Blanchett

Tied for 2nd place (or should that be 3rd) is the thespian Clive Owen and the australian chameleon Cate Blanchett. Both of them registered 16% of the vote. Clive Owen has shown his medieval chops in King Arthur, and proven a pretty good villain in The Bourne Identity. However, I think its been proven that Cate Blanchett can play pretty much any role. Maybe a bit of femininity could go a long way in Nottingham. Plus, Blanchett hooking up with Sienna Miller as Maid Marion would be pretty sweet.

3. Daniel Craig
Although we love him as Bond, it seems Quickflix readers aren’t quite ready to see Craig take on another iconic role. Although he’s got the grittiness, does he have the charm to be the fearless thief? Only 13% of you thought so.

4. Sam Riley

Coming last is english newcomer Sam Riley with 0% of the votes. Yes, 0 as in Zero. This is a shame, because Riley is Russell Crowe’s favoured choice. Riley broke through last year playing Joy Division lead singer Ian Curtis in Control. Apart from a couple of episodes of Law and Order, Riley hasn’t been given many other roles to show his skills. Although he’s not the popular choice, will the unknown Riley prove to be the best Robin Hood? Well, at least he would be better than Kevin Costner.

Be sure to vote in our latest poll at the top of the page, and keep an eye out here for more news on Nottingham.

9 Responses to “Who Should Play Robin Hood in Ridley Scott’s "Nottingham"?”

  1. It’s right there in front of everyone’s nose. Sean Bean! Nottingham is obviously no twenty or thirty-something, so why should Robin Hood?

  2. None of the above. My choice would be Karl Urban. He’d be a good choice, he can play a bad guy (as seen in the Bourne series). And he doesn’t get enough credit for what he’s done.

  3. I think it depends on what time period they set the film in – after Robin returns from the Holy Land or if he participates in the Crusades with King Richard at all.I can’t decide who should play opposite Russell Crowe. Perhaps a younger actor, so it appears the Sheriff has the upper hand?It really depends on which storyline they choose since there are so many.Does anyone know if this is being adapted from a novelization or a new screenplay?

  4. Robin: James McAvoy or Robt. Downey, Jr. What is the age of Robin though? Is he older than these two actors? Both McAvoy and Downey, Jr. are a kick! Love them.Female Part: Kate Winslet, no contest – intelligence and verbal wit – hardly a damsel in distress. Is Ridley Scott keen on this site? Will these suggestions be forwarded to him?Cheers.

  5. I’ll go with Sean Bean, too. Great-looking, gutsy and talented. He can deliver the goods.

  6. Exactly! I always thought Sean Bean would be the perfect choice for Robin Hood. And if he shouldn’t be available what about the other great chameleon of actors: Gary Oldman? He is credible in every role and would again be a wonderful villain opposite Russ!

  7. I think Christian Bale is still the frontrunner to get the part. At least he’s the one listed on imdb at the moment. If he does get the part, he’ll have played Robin Hood, Batman, John Conner, Patrick Bateman, Bob Dylan and Jesus. Is there anyone he can’t play? Maybe he should have a go at playing Condoleeza Rice in the new Oliver Stone Bush biopic.

  8. James McAvoy would be great…but if he was unavailable my second choice would be…Matthew Macfadyen. i think robin hood should be a brit.

  9. Russell Crowe’s accent already resembles something that would fit in another version Robin Hood… though he’ll probably have to drop some of that girth he developed for Body of Lies

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