Anchorman 2 – Electric Boogaloo?


Comedy megastar Will Ferrell and director Adam McKay have revealed their plans for a sequel to Anchorman, with one version possibly set in the 80s.

The first Anchorman starred Ferrell as anchorman extraordinaire Ron Burgundy, an arrogant yet lovable buffoon (see: 90% of all Ferrell films). Set in the 1970’s, it featured an all male news team (made up of Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and David Koechner) dealing with the introduction of a female co-anchor (Christina Applegate).

The film was a modest hit, but has become a cult-classic on DVD. Thanks to its success, Ferrell and McKay were able to make Talladega Nights, and super producer Judd Apatow was trusted with directing The 40-Year-Old Virgin. And the rest is history.

I would love to see a second Anchorman film. Burgandy remains Ferrell’s best character, and it’ll be nice to see Steve Carell back as the nutty simpleton Brick Tamland. In the meantime, check out the trailer for the latest Ferrel/McKay collaboration, Step Brothers.

It stars Ferrell and the hilarious (and Oscar nominated) John C. Reilly as, well, you get the picture.

Step Brothers opens September 18.

3 Responses to “Anchorman 2 – Electric Boogaloo?”

  1. Anchorman is my favourite film of all time – funny every single time, I even laugh just thinking about some of the lines!My boyfriend and I have whole conversations just using lines from Anchorman, and if they really do bring out Anchorman 2 I really hope it lives up to the first one!!

  2. nchorman goes, didn’t see it till about 2 years ago. But now im a huge fan. Most people don’t know there was already a sequel (of sorts) called “Ron Burgundy: The Legend Continues” which was only available with the special edition dvd. It’s a full length feature made from outtakes and alternative plot lines from the first film, and although not as good as the first, is still a laugh.

  3. “Wake up Ron Burgundy” was an Anchorman 1.5 of sorts – I’m not sure if that’s what Star was referring to, but this one’s done with outtakes as well and is full feature length. It’s hilarious.

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