Who Should Be The Next Batman Villain?

Yes we know, The Dark Knight has only been out for a couple of weeks. Some may think it’s a bit early to start wondering who will next emerge from Batman’s rogue gallery. Truth is, even after seeing TDK multiple times, we want more. No. We NEED it.

So far, the Nolan-verse has provided us with the all-time best portrayal’s of Ra’s Al Ghul, Scarecrow, The Joker and Two-Face. So who could possibly be villainous enough to take up the next challenge? We put it to our readers to decide, and it was a close one.

1. The Riddler

Edward Nigma is your number 1 choice for the next Batman villain, with 31% of the vote. Obsessed with riddles and puzzles, The Riddler has appeared in the 1960’s Batman television series, and in Joel Schumacher‘s Batman Forever. It seems that most fans were unhappy with Jim Carrey‘s (too) manic portrayal, and are keen for Christopher Nolan to re-invent the character. The good news is that this may actually come true. Gary Oldman (Commissioner Gordon) has stated his interest to see The Riddler in a third film. Of course, not even a third film is a sure thing just yet, so keep watching the skies.

2. Catwoman

Who Could Play Her: Charlize Theron, Rosario Dawson.

Another villain who has appeared in almost every Batman incarnation, Selina Kyle garnered 27% of the Quickflix vote. Although Michelle Pfieffer did a good job in Batman Returns, Halle Berry almost destroyed the good-feline’s name in her origin-ignoring, fan-hating version. However, it seems film audiences have picked up the pieces of their life after that disaster, and are ready to see a new Catwoman. May God have mercy on us all.

3. Mad Hatter

Who Could Play Him: Paul Dano, Crispin Glover, Giovanni Ribisi.

I was very glad to see that 25% of you voted for Mad Hatter, one of the most psychotic villains ever to square off against Batman (bar this guy, obviously). He has been portrayed as a hat-obsessed mind control artist with a penchent for Alice in Wonderland in the 1960’s and animated television series. Although these traits do apply, there has been little exploration into his (even-more) sinister side, including his obsession with little girls called Alice. I think Mad Hatter would fit into Christopher Nolan’s Batman series most effectively, and perhaps make an even creepier villain than The Joker.

4. Harley Quinn

Who Could Play Her: Zooey Deschenal, Kristen Bell, Brittany Murphy.

Another fan-favourite, the Joker’s accomplice received 15% of the vote. Originally created just for the animated series, Harley Quinn proved so popular she was carried over into the comic world. Although she may be difficult to wedge into a film on her own, she is definately a character that would be worth bringing to the cinema.

5. The Penguin

Who Could Play Him: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, Jack Black.

The unattractive, bird-loving and umbrella-toting villain proved to be the least popular maniac in our poll, with only 10% wanting to see him revamped. Christopher Nolan has said that The Penguin would be very tricky to fit into their more realistic universe, and screenwriter David Goyer has pretty much ruled him out. Oh well. We’ll always have Danny DeVito.

Consensus: There are some great villains to choose from. As long as it’s not Mr. Freeze, we’ll be happy.

God, this movie sucked.

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