Mike Myers – Comedy Killer?

Mike Myers, the former king-of-comedy, is apparently writing a fourth installment of the Austin Powers series. This is despite the critical and commercial failure of his last film, The Love Guru.
Now, The Love Guru was bad enough to kill anyone’s career. Even the extras in that film will have trouble living down the immeasurable weight of guilt and shame that movie brought upon them. I was honestly wondering if we would ever see Myers in a live-action film again after the film bombed as badly as it did.

People reacted to The Love Guru in their own way.

However, Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that Myers is currently writing a fourth Austin Powers film with previous collaborator Mike McCullers, this time focusing on Austin Powers’ nemesis Dr. Evil, and his relationship with his son Scott (played by Seth Green). Now before you all throw yourselves out of the nearest window, let’s discuss this like adults.

THE GREAT DEBATE – Could Austin Powers 4 Be Any Good?

For: Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery was an incredibly funny movie, and it spawned two pretty funny sequels. Perhaps Myers will be able to squeeze some more comedy-juice out of the series, especially considering it’ll focus on the series funniest characters, Dr. and Scott Evil.

Against: Mike Myers last film was The Love Guru. The Love Guru was worse than most wars.

For: The Love Guru was an anomaly in Myer’s ouvre. The Wayne’s World series and So I Married an Axe Murderer are also great films, and the Powers characters are tried and true.

Against: Mike Myers wrote The Love Guru. The Love Guru is a solid argument in favour of ending freedom of speech.

For: Mike Myers used to be on Saturday Night Live, and he was great on that. And he’s Shrek, and Shrek’s OK too, I suppose.

Against: Mike Myers was in The Love Guru. The Love Guru hates laughter, and it hates you.

I suppose anyone who is willing to even appear in film again after unleashing the worst-character-in-the-history-of-film deserves a bit of credit for his bravery. Or is that a smack? Sorry, I meant he should get a smack in the mouth for appearing in that film.

HOWEVER! That doesn’t mean a fourth Austin Powers movie will be that bad. Or bad at all. It may even be good, but I’m not crazy enough to make that kind of prediction at this stage. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Myers can redeem himself. Do I think it’s likely? I guess this picture speaks for itself.

R.I.P. Laughter

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