Golden Olympic Flicks

It’s Olympic time once again, and what better way to celebrate than to revisit some of our favourite sport flicks.

We know – you’re all still probably red-eyed from that opening ceremony. But what better way to reinvigorate yourself and your sporting spirit than catching these great movies.

Cool Runnings

“Oh, yeah, just one little drawback to this delightful winter sport. The high-speed crash. Ooh! That hurt. Always remember, your bones will not break in a bobsled. No, no, no. They shatter.”
Yes, the classic film that brought both bobsledding and Doug E. Doug into the national consciousness. All right, maybe not Doug E. Doug. This true story about the first Jamaican bobsled team was a huge hit, and still remains one of the greatest underdog stories ever told.


“This was supposed to be the fight that Muhammad Ali was ended. Supposed the myth that Muhammad was gonna fall! Supposed to be my destruction! Well, they miscalculated, they misjudged, they got it wrong!”

Muhammad Ali is one of the greatest sportsman who ever lived, and in this biopic from director Michael Mann, he is given the legend’s treatment. Will Smith is amazing as the unstoppable boxer, and the final rumble in the jungle…man, you’ll be ready to jump in the ring yourself.


“No more match races for this little horse because frankly they’re all out of matches. Who’s he gonna race? Pegasus? I pity these horses.”

The true story of the little-horse-that-could is one of the most inspiring sports films ever. Set during the depression, Seabiscuit features Tobey Maguire, Chris Cooper and Jeff Bridges. Of course, they’re all overshadowed by the titular character.

Blades of Glory

“I remember Boston, and that victory was as sweet as the cream pie for which the town was named.”

Finally, a film that takes a look at the all-important Winter Olympics. Of course, Blades of Glory, the story about male doubles in figure skating is as plausible as Eric the Eel winning Gold. However, when it comes to sports movies, Will Ferrell is the man to make you laugh, with him, or at him.

Remember the Titans

“We will be perfect in every aspect of the game. You drop a pass, you run a mile. You miss a blocking assignment, you run a mile. You fumble the football, and i will break my foot off in your John Brown hind parts and then you will run a mile. Perfection. Let’s go to work.”

One of the best American football films ever (and there are A LOT of them). Denzel Washington stars as coach Bill Yoast, a man intent on bringing his black and white players into a unified team. Check it out for a young Hayden Panettiere as an opinionated ‘assistant’ coach.

Million Dollar Baby

“Anybody can lose one fight, anybody can lose once, you’ll come back from this you’ll be champion of the world.”

Another classic boxing flick, this underdog tale stars Hilary Swank as a fighter who literally comes from nothing and finds herself in a million-dollar prize fight. However, tragedy strikes, and this sporting film becomes something more. Its sure to stay with you long after the film has finished.

Chariots of Fire

“I’m forever in pursuit and I don’t even know what I am chasing.”

The sight of someone running in slow motion to the sound of Vangelis is now a cliche that represents tedium above anything else. However, in Best Picture winner Chariots of Fire, THAT music made all the difference, and the story about two runners in the 1924 Olympic games would remain legendary.

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