Lost – Season 5 Info!

NB: The following article is rated C for Confusing. Non-Lost fans are advised to skip to the next article.
The title for the first episode of the 5th season of Lost has been revealed, and its an interesting one:
The episode will be called ‘Because You Left’, and will be the first of 17 episodes planned for the fifth season. The show is expected to end in 2010, at the conclusion of the 6th season.
Fans will recognise the title from a conversation between Ben and Jack at the end of the fourth season. Ben informed Jack that “because he left”, life on the island had changed for the worst.
The show is coming off of its best season yet, and although the season four finale provided many answers, it raised even more questions. (Spoiler alert!)
– Where did the Island go?
– How will the Oceanic 6 find their way back?
– Wait, why do they even WANT to go back?
– How does Sayid come to be an assassin for Ben?
– Is Jin alive or what?
– And seriously, did Claire die in that explosion?
– Why does Faraday love that girl with the freckles? I hate her.
– Richard Halpert. How old is that dude?
– Did the ‘others’ train polar bears to work the underground time machine/island mover? Really?


As you can see, I’m eager to find out what is going on. I do have one request for show runners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof: More Ben please!

Feel free to post your Lost theories below, but remember: they’re not in purgatory. I really hate it when people say that.

Catch up on all the sweet sweet Lost goodness by adding the first 3 seasons to your queue:

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I hope we see more of Ben beating up Tunisian soldiers next year.

2 Responses to “Lost – Season 5 Info!”

  1. Time seems to be a key factor. The Island works on a different time. The island is represented by different eras and generations of people. There’s been the present (people trying to get off and/or find the island). The recent history of The Dharma Initiative who tried to study and/or tame the island with technology. There’s been reference to older cultures (giant stone foot) on the island and maybe some older things still (smoke monsters, Jacob, Polar Bears …) I think the next series will step back into another era of the island’s history as the flash forwards continue. The Island is an onion and there are many more layers to be peeled before it’s core (truth) is revealed.

  2. i definitely agree with you there brett. I think we’re really going to learn all about the previous inhabitants (yes, pre-dharma).as for that giant four-toed foot – i wonder if we’ll see how many toes Richard Halpert has?i know that probably sounds ridiculous, but if he is as old as i think he is, it might not be that crazy.

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