Yeezy, Noooo! Kanye West Looking Forward to The Spirit


Kanye West, the greatest musician of the last decade (yes, I said it) maintains one of the most consistantly entertaining blogs on the internet.

He posts about anything, and I mean anything. From the hottest models to scientific discoveries, the man covers it all.

He also uses it as a forum to vent his anger, most notably after being criticised for playing 3 hours late at the Bonnaroo festival earlier this year:

“I am sick of negative people who just sit around trying 2 plot my downfall… Why????…I HAVE TO ICE MY KNEES AFTER EVERY SHOW AND THEY HURT WHEN I WALK THROUGH THE AIRPORT…CALL ME WHAT YOU WANT BUT NEVER SAY I DIDN’T GIVE MY ALL!!!”

God bless ‘im.

However, Kanye has made a horrible, horrible mistake. Amongst the praise for Gisele Bundchen and innovative lamps, he snuck in a post titled “THIS LOOKS AWSMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, he’s referring to the trailer for Frank Miller‘s new film, The Spirit. Now, I may not know Jay-Z, or how to produce a killer album, but I do know one thing: The Spirit does not look awsmazing.

In fact, it looks thoroughly awful. Miller, best known as the author of the Sin City and 300 comic books, makes his solo directorial debut with The Spirit, the tale of a womanising crime-fighter.

Starring Scarlett Johannson, Eva Mendes and Jaime King the movie should have the requisite hotness required to make it greattastic. But, look at that trailer. It really looks unwatchabad.

Mr West, I will always support you, buy your records, wear your shutter glasses and still read your blog. But I am not looking forward to The Spirit. But thankyou for inventing the word Awsmazing. It almost makes this whole faith-shaking ordeal worth it.

3 Responses to “Yeezy, Noooo! Kanye West Looking Forward to The Spirit”

  1. I have to (reluctantly) agree with Kanye West on this one.The Spirit trailer is truly awsmazing, fancredible and frankly jizlicious.That doesn’t mean the movie will be good – but it looks so fricken tasty.

  2. I too agree with Mr West, visually amazing – something different just like his take on the english language!

  3. this trailer is so freakily awsmazing I cannot wait to see it in the pictures *****

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