Up the Spout – Top 5 Pregnancy Films

Since Baby Mama was released last week, we thought it would be a perfect time to look back on the best ever pregnancy films.

Some classics didn’t make the cut, like She’s Having a Baby or Three Men and a Baby (Sorry, Goot!) However, we think these 5 are a guaranteed great watch. At the very least, they’re less painfull than childbirth!

Jenna: “Why did I get drunk? I do stupid things when I’m drunk … like sleep with my husband!”

This breezy comedy about a small town waitress was one of the most beloved and unique films of 2007. Sure, pregnant Jenna (Keri Russell) is pretty unhappy about having her jerk-husband’s bun in the oven. In fact, she spends most of the film hating her little unborn bub. However, it’s a great opportunity to meet the handsome OB-GYN. And who knows, maybe she’ll even grow to love her baby (spoiler warning: she does).

Dr Kosevich: “You have a girl. Unless I cut the wrong cord.”

OK, it’s not exactly the most realistic movie ever made about babymaking (first of all, no-one would ever, EVER, let Tom Arnold into their maternity room). But it does feature a pre-fame Julianne Moore, and Robin Williams as the hilarious Dr Kosevich. Oh, and Hugh Grant plays his regular foppish character. He’s so charming!

George: “Now, going to the movies, that’ll be economical: one child, two seniors, thanks.”

I don’t care what people will say – I think this movie is damned brilliant. Cash-strapped George Banks (Steve Martin) finds out his wife and daughter are both pregnant at the same time. Uh-oh! It’s a bit unbelievable to think the Banks family could ever be in any financial strife (doesn’t he own Nike? He should be rich enough to BUY babies!) But Martin Short‘s Franck is reason enough to check this out.

2. Juno

Juno: “Yeah, I’m a legend. You know, they call me the cautionary whale.”

Juno McGuff (Ellen Page) takes her pregnancy pretty well. I mean, she’s concerned to begin with. Who wouldn’t be? But once she decides to give the baby to the Lorings – she’s easy as a Sunday morning! Juno’s grace under pressure is the most flattering portrayal of a pregnant 16-year-old I’ve ever seen in a movie. You’ve got to love her.

1. Knocked Up

Ben: “And then your Mommy said, ‘Just do it already!’ which was very confusing to Daddy, so I took the most literal translation.”

Knocked Up manages to be the funniest and most heartfelt movie about pregnancy ever made. When go-getter Allison (Katherine Heigl) sleeps with go-nowhere Ben (Seth Rogen), they accidentally turn a one-night-stand into a nine-month wait for baby. The film is filled with ribald laughs, as well as being a very poignant look at relationships. As for the birth: Wow. The film is famous for its unvarnished ‘crowning’ shot. And I thought giving birth was supposed to be beautiful…

3 Responses to “Up the Spout – Top 5 Pregnancy Films”

  1. i definitely agree that this will topped the pregnancy films… most especially the waitress.. i watched it already and its so awesome..18 weeks pregnant

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