The Brothers Bloom – Dirty Rotten Scoundrels for the New Millenium?


The trailer for Rian Johnson‘s latest film The Brothers Bloom is online, and it promises a fun, quirky and stylish take on the tired con-man genre.

Johnson’s last film was the little seen, but much-loved Brick. The film was a modern film-noir; a murder-mystery set amongst high-schoolers with it’s own made-up language. I really can’t recommend it enough.

The Brothers Bloom stars Adrian Brody and Mark Ruffalo as the titular con-artists, Rachel Weisz as an unusual and sheltered heiress and Rinko Kikuchi as a nitroglycerin expert. Sweet.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out:

Is anyone else picking up a Dirty Rotten Scoundrels vibe?

The film was originally going to debut next year, but has been pushed up to November because of it’s incredibly positive buzz (and possible Oscar chances). No release date set in Australia yet – so keep an eye out here and we’ll keep you updated!

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