Top 5 Movie Dads

We’re kicking off Father’s Day early here at Quickflix. Check back here every day for a rundown of the best (and worst) dad’s in movies and television.

Today we’re honouring the 5 best movie dads, ever.

5. Henry Jones Sr.Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

When James Bond himself turned out to be Indiana Jones’ dad, the entire universe almost collapsed on the combined awesomeness of this father-son duo. While Henry proved to be more of a thorn in Indiana’s side to begin with, Jones Jr was eventually glad to have the feisty old man by his side. That is, until Indy finds out that they’ve both slept with the same woman. Ewwwwww. Fun Fact: Sean Connery is only 12 years older than Harrison Ford, meaning that Henry Jones was the most virile 7th grader in history.

4. Harry TaskerTrue Lies

Arnie’s not traditionally known as being good with kids (See: Terminator 2, Kindergarten Cop, Jingle All the Way). But in True Lies, he became Harry Tasker: Super-Dad, ready to rescue his daughter from a terrorist cell. I mean, it was his own fault for being a secret-agent in the first place, but he did go to a lot of effort to get his daughter back. Good on you. Fun Fact: People forget, but at one point Harry rides a horse through a hotel. That bit was great.

3. Mr LevensteinAmerican Pie

Otherwise known as ‘Jim’s Dad’, this wise, eternally forgiving man was the dream dad for every awkward male teenager on the planet. Sure, his birds-and-the-bees talk mainly included handing over a copy of Hustler, but he earnt his stripes by not making a big deal of Jim’s ENDLESS parade of embarrassing situations. Fun Fact: The Great Eyebrowed One Eugene Levy has played Mr Levenstein in 5 sequels, despite Jim not appearing in the last 3.

2. Chris GardnerThe Pursuit of Happyness

The only ‘real’ person to make it onto the list, Will Smith’s Oscar-nominated portrayal of this broke father made The Pursuit of Happyness one of the most inspiring films of the last decade. His determination to get his son out of poverty and give him the life they’ve always dreamed of is amazing to watch. Oh, and to everyone annoyed at the film because they think the main idea of the movie is “only money can make you happiness”, may I remind you that Chris and his son had to spend a night in a public toilet? A TOILET! Fun Fact: Will’s real son Jaden also plays his son in the movie. How meta.

1. MarlinFinding Nemo

If you went missing, would your dad swim from North America to Australia, just on the hope he found you? Marlin would, and does, for his lone son Nemo. This Pixar classic not just about fish; it’s about a single father and his determination to keep his son safe. He may be animated, but Marlin is the best dad ever to make it on the big screen. Fun Fact: Finding Nemo has been turned into a stage-production, proving that literally anything these days will be made into a musical, no matter how bad of an idea it is.

Come back tomorrow to find the WORST movie dads!

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