24 Shuts Down Production – Jack Bauer Finally Gets Bathroom Break

source: ew.com

Jack Bauer, the world’s unluckiest man, has been given a well-deserved break, at the expense of the makers of the hit show 24.

Production of the show will shut down next week, at the completion of Episode 18 of the seventh season.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the creative directors of the show were unhappy with where the show was heading, and have decided to take a few weeks off for re-writes.

So basically, Episode 18 of the seventh season is going to be really, really bad.

The first 8 episodes of the season were in the can before the WGA went on strike early this year. Instead of cutting the season in half, producers decided to wait until the rest of the season was finished before screening any episodes. The season is expected to debut January next year in the U.S.

I guess there are two ways of looking at this:

1. They really care about the production of this show, and want to get everything right. So much so, they’re even willing to stop production to make sure everything is perfect.

2. This season is going to be terrible. It’s so bad, they’ve literally had to stop making it before it got any worse.

Could this be the death knell of 24? Hmm, only if Kim Bauer returns.

She does!?!?

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