Ozploitation Classics! Not Quite Hollywood’s A Hit

The new Aussie documentary Not Quite Hollywood has been a huge success at home and abroad, even making waves at the Toronto Film Festival.
The doco looks at the influence of the Australian genre films of the seventies and eighties. Not Quite Hollywood is a celebration of the blood-soaked, drug-fuelled, high-octane, sharp-toothed, nude, crude and very rude films that make us proud to be Australian.

It features interviews with Australian trailblazers such as Russell Mulcahy and Richard Franklin, as well as international fans Quentin Tarantino, Jamie Lee Curtis and Dennis Hopper.

I haven’t seen the film yet, but I’m pretty keen to check it out. It’s managed to get a five star review from Empire Magazine. Have a look at an excerpt here:

“Mark Hartley’s fast, thrilling and often ribald documentary sets out to peel away years of entrenched critical thought and highlight a secret history of forgotten Australian genre films – “Ozploitation”, as he calls it – that, in their mad, renegade way deserve to be held up alongside any “worthy” cultural exercise.”

Check out the trailer here at the official website: http://www.notquitehollywood.com.au/

Be warned though: the trailer is filled with violence, nudity and brazen anti-social behaviour. (Yeah, you’re all avoiding it now, aren’t you.)

Be sure to add these oz-ploitation classics to your queue, and vote for your favourite Aussie movie in our latest poll.


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