In Defence of Tom Cruise

Let’s face it … we’ve all had a go at Tom Cruise. We all joke about him. I mean, it’s so hard not to, especially when we have pictures like this:
and this:

and even this:

But we have to face facts. He doesn’t deserve this kind of shoddy treatment. I know, I know, he’s probably crazier than a bag of cats – but he makes good movies damnit!

We all know he was Maverick in Top Gun, and we’ve all seen him slide across the room in his underwear in Risky Business. I think its time to look back at some classics that have been forgotten under a hail of couch-leaping publicity stunts.

After all, I really believe Tom Cruise is probably one of the best actors of the last two decades. YEAH, I SAID IT!

Magnolia – 1999

Magnolia is one of the best films ever made. Period. Tom Cruise’s portrayal of a masochistic self help guru/evangelist is one of the films best parts. Does that prove that Tom Cruise is one of the best things ever, in the history of time? Well, I don’t like to exaggerate – but that is exactly what I’m saying.

Vanilla Sky – 2001

Along with Eyes Wide Shut in 1999, Vanilla Sky proved the high-profile actor was willing to star in films that would challenge audiences. In recent years, the film has been accused of being maniuplative and shallow. Well, I think those critics are manipulative and shallow, so there. You can’t deny it’s an amazing showcase for Cruise, who stars as a womanising playboy who ends up horrifically disfigured after jilting a former lover. Burned!

Minority Report – 2002

Minority Report is one of Steven Spielberg‘s best, and for some reason, least remembered films. However, it’s only one of a few sci-fi films from this decade that will one day hold up against standards like Blade Runner and Alien. Cruise is, once again, brilliant as man falsely accused of the (future) murder of someone he’s never even met. So he has an eye transplant. Trust me, it makes sense in the film.

Collateral – 2004

I could watch Collateral once a week for the rest of my life and never get sick of it. One of the main reasons is Tom Cruise’s performance as the unstoppable hitman Vincent. In Michael Mann‘s atmospheric tale, Jamie Foxx plays a taxi driver who unwittingly picks up Vincent and becomes an accomplice in a night filled with violence. Cruise is incredibly threatening and kind-of scary – and not in the ‘why won’t he stop laughing’ way he normally is.

Tropic Thunder – 2008

When Tom Cruise’s much publicised ‘surprise’ cameo in Tropic Thunder turned out to be hilarious, haters were practically ready to jump back onto the pro-Cruise bandwagon. Co-starring as a morally bankrupt and foul mouthed studio head, he showed everyone he had a sense of humour. But how about all those other great films starring Tom Cruise? Why couldn’t they silence the critics? Oh, because he didn’t dance to Flo Rida in those films. Gotcha.

So please people, stop ragging on Mr Cruise. He’s given us so much. So very much. And we turn our back on him. We should all be ashamed of ourselves.

On the upside, the Bryan Singer directed Valkyrie comes out at the end of the year, and it looks pretty awesome. Sure, Cruise looks silly in that eye patch, but any film about the attempted assination of Hitler is gonna be worth watching. SPOILER WARNING: They fail.

Check out the trailer below:

Thank you Tom Cruise! Even though you married a creepy robot, you still make killer films.

7 Responses to “In Defence of Tom Cruise”

  1. Minority Report doesn’t come close to being SS’s best film. And Colin Farrell out-shines the cruiser in that one anyway.

  2. I think Vanilla sky was unfairly trashed for reasons I can’t comprehend, and Magnolia is indeed a great movie, but apart from that the Cruiser is absolute rubbish. He’s a scientologist for Hubbards sake, and nothing forgives that.

  3. Minority Report is a fantastic film (may not be SS’s best, but thats beside the point), and half the reason is a great performance from Cruise. Its the same with Collateral, great film, and wouldn’t have been as good without him (and Tropic Thunder just tops off how good an actor he is (and what great PR advisers he must have!)). (and all that without even a mention of Mission Impossible!! (MI-2/3 were crap…but thats another matter)).He may be a psycho-cult-nutjob…but he’s a great actor…

  4. Simon, you sound like that whining bitch on youtube…you know the one, leave BRITANY ALONE… do you walk around going LEAVE TOM CRUISE ALONE!

  5. Tom Cruise has made some good movies over the years, but using his popularity and power to push a crazed cult onto people is unforgiveable, and i just flat out refuse to watch any movie associated with him.

  6. oh snap! thanks for sharing your opinion…anonymous. i actually DO walk around telling people to leave Tom Cruise alone. Most of the time I actually go door to door, and ask people if theyve accepted Tom Cruise into their life. Then I ask if they have a couple of hours to spare, and I make them watch Collateral with me. As I leave, I recite the whole ‘you complete me’ speech from Jerry Maguire, and then continue onto the next house.if that makes me wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

  7. What about A Few Good Men, The Last Samurai… He totally lost my respect as an actor in Jerry Maguire, but as soon as I saw The Last Samurai, I realised that he is actually quite brave and actually pretty fantastic as an actor (which like many other actors is quite different as a person). Good on you Cruisey boy (but I still think you’re a bit of a waif!!)

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