Quantum of Awesomeness – New James Bond Trailer!

source: traileraddict.com

As if we could be even MORE excited. The new trailer for Quantum of Solace has debuted online, and it looks so wonderful I think I could cry.

Check. It. Out.


Quantum of Solace looks set to pick-up right where Casino Royale left off, as Bond hunts down the people responsible for the death of Vesper Lynd.

Daniel Craig reprises his role as James Bond once again. Remember when everyone was worried about him replacing Pierce Brosnan for Casino Royale? Wow, that was stupid.

The film hits cinemas November 19th. Just remember, this is only weeks before the release of High School Musical 3, the Vaugn/Witherspoon family comedy Four Christmases and the vampire/lovestory Twilight.

Oh God. Looks like we’ll be seeing Quantum of Solace for the first few weekends of December too!

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One Response to “Quantum of Awesomeness – New James Bond Trailer!”

  1. This movie looks freaken sweet! I never like the brosnan films – the new bond rocks!

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