Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changeling! Trailer Debut


Clint Eastwood is on a mission to make the entire world depressed, and he’s enlisted Angelina Jolie to help him finish the job. At least, that’s what the trailer for their latest flick Changeling seems to imply.

Changeling is set in 1928, and tells the story of Christine Collins (Jolie). Her son goes missing, and is eventually rescued by the LAPD. However, Christine is sure the boy is not really her son, and believes she is in the middle of a conspiracy that will tear her life apart.

The movie so nice they named it twice (it was originally called The Exchange) looks set to be a serious Oscar contender, and from what we are shown in the trailer, deservingly so.

And let’s face it, after A Mighty Heart flopped, Ange needs this to regain some acting credibility. She’s got it in her – but she’s been too busy curving bullets for anyone to remember.

Clint Eastwood has established himself as the Number 1 director for horrific morality tales and soul-crushing revenge stories. It looks like Changeling will fit in nicely amongst his previous works.

Changeling also stars John Malkovich, Amy Ryan and the guy from Burn Notice.

Changeling opens in Australia January 1, 2009.

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