Sex and the City Prequel?


Maybe we spoke too soon about the Large Hadron Collider not causing the end of the world, because we’ve just received some news that seems oddly prescient of an impending apocalypse.


Sex and the City author Candace Bushnell has virtually written herself a giant cheque by agreeing to write a series of teen novels based around SATC hero Carrie Bradshaw.

‘The Carrie Diaries’ will explore the titular character’s high school adventures (read: sexcapades) and the exploration of her dream to become a writer. Spoiler Alert: Dream is fulfilled.

Publisher Harper Collins expects the first book to be released in 2010, which means we can probably expect a corresponding television show (or even movie) to come out early 2011. What a coincidence! That’s the year Miley Cyrus turns 18! Let the rumours begin here!

Now, you may have noticed DVDman and myself rarely report on female-skewed films here (ie. Mamma Mia, Made of Honor, umm, The Women). But even we realise that Sex and the City is kind of a big deal.

Unfortunately, we’re the last people to comment on whether this is good for the series or bad. So what do you fans think? Comment below!

Sex and the City Movie on DVD and Blu-Ray 16 October
Candace Bushall’s Lipstick Jungle on DVD now

One Response to “Sex and the City Prequel?”

  1. This is terrible news!I went to see the film when it came out and although i love,love,love the TV show..i wasn’t one of the people applauding the film at the end. The creators of Sex and the City need to take beware because women viewers/readers are fickle!! We will turn on Sex and the City just as fast as we all went out and started drinking cosmopolitains when the show came out..don’t say i didn’t warn you!!

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