The Spirit’s New Photos Almost Make It Look Cool. Almost.


Slashfilm has posted some brand new photo’s from the Kanye-approved The Spirit, and they look pretty awesome.

Don’t get me wrong: I still think the film will be terrible. Frank Miller‘s sole directorial debut has been inundated with criticism since it’s trailer debuted at Comic Con earlier this year.

Considering The Spirit is based on Will Eisner’s beloved comic strip, its no surprise the single images like the ones below look as vibrant as a colourful comic panel. However, when transported into live action, it just doesn’t work. See what I’m talking about, and check the trailer out here.

I know many of our readers disagree with me (which is why I’ve posted these pictures in the first place). But I’m telling you people – this movie is going to be la-aame.


The Spirit is one of 7 movies to be released on Boxing Day. See any of the other 6 first.

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