"Bond, James Bond" Cut From Movie

source: ninemsn.com

There are days that live in infamy; dates that are etched into the global consciousness. There have been moments of tragedy and pain that literally make the world stand still. Today is one of those days.

Ninemsn is reporting that James Bond‘s famous introductory line (“Bond … James Bond”) has been cut from Quantum of Solace.

Apparently the line was in the original script, and was also filmed in various scenarios. However, Director Marc Forster claims they just couldn’t make it work.


If they are willing to cut this iconic line from the film, who knows what kind of horrible changes they’ve made. If you ask me, this is the first step in changing the Bond films into extreme-left-wing propaganda. In the next film, we’ll probably see 007 turning his back on dear old blighty and joining a collective farm.

His new intro, “if I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?” received a steely response.

That single line of dialogue, is what MAKES a Bond movie! I remember watching Casino Royale and thinking, “This is garbage. What a pile of rubbish. Yeah yeah, Daniel Craig, you’re all indy and edgy and sexy in your little blue shorts. But come one. And Eva Green? Pfft. You might be hot, but if I don’t hear ‘Bond, James Bond’ in the next five minutes, I’m walking out of here.”

And then he finally said it, and I was all like “phew, now I can actually enjoy this movie”.

Obviously, that’s a lie.

Casino Royale is a brilliant movie, and I have complete faith in Forster and his Quantum of Solace. If anything, omitting THAT line is a brilliant move. The swinging sixties are over people, and watching Moore, Lazenby, Dalton and Brosnan cling sadly to bygone days is what killed the Bond series in the first place. And don’t even get me started on Never Say Never Again!

Until Daniel Craig came along, James Bond was like that creepy uncle who wears a ratty old suit to every occasion, drinks a little too much, and ends up grasping at the surrounding ladies before collapsing into a pile of his own sick.

But what do you all think? Should they have kept the line? Is this new direction an improvement or is it ruining the franchise? Let us know in the comments section below!

6 Responses to “"Bond, James Bond" Cut From Movie”

  1. If anyone other than Daniel Craig was playing Bond I’d probably boycott the film! The moment that line is uttered there is an inward sigh with satisfaction from hearing the immortal phrase. A bit like finding Wally really…. aaah, there it is! 🙂

  2. James Bond? More like Shame Bond! Cutting this crucial line is changing his love of fast cars to a love of toy trains; or of fast women to boy bands. Forster, you just made the list.

  3. I think if they take this line out of the film, it would be just an action movie of someone pretending to be James Bond. Its just not right! Although, I like Daniel Craig as an actor, I personaly think Clive Owen would have made a better James Bond.

  4. without that line it is not a true bond film

  5. A lot of films have iconic lines, but to get disgruntled over an antiquated form of introduction is frivolous. They aren’t remaking the Bond series, they are trying to restart it and set a new benchmark away from it’s predecessors. I’d rather they keep the narrative strong rather than weaken it by trying too hard to fit in the line.Bring on November.

  6. Quantum Of Solace picks up the C.R. story 1 hr. after Bond has shot Mr.White.The last thing Craig Bond says is the line you are worrying about is it not.Q.o`S. is more or less a Pt.2 of Casino Royale.I`m sure that everyone associated with the Bond franchise would be extremely aware of what they show to the Bond loving public.

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