I Am Legend Prequel – I Wonder What Happens?

source: slashfilm.com

Slashfilm are reporting that Warner Bros have greenlit a prequel to I Am Legend, with star Will Smith reprising his role as Robert Neville. Director Francis Lawrence is also set to return.

Apparently Smith, Lawrence, and previous screenwriter Akiva Goldsman have been working on a very detailed plot outline for the last couple of months. D.B. Weiss (who has no previous credits to his name) will write the screenplay.

The film will focus on the days prior to the Krippin virus mutating, and the days just after the virus wipes out New York.

I know a lot of people won’t be so excited about a prequel. In fact, people have only ever been excited by one prequel before, and we all know how that turned out.

I think this is a great opportunity to right the (small, yet significant) wrongs of I Am Legend.

Here’s my wishlist (Possible Spoilers):

1. Stay true to the source material. While the first half of I Am Legend was pretty faithful to Richard Matheson’s book, the final 5 minutes is non-sensical. Check out the alternate ending on the DVD to see how the film should have ended. Now, Lawrence and Weiss have an opportunity to explore the themes of Matheson’s novel, such as Robert Neville being the real monster (or legend).

2. Bring Back Sam!!! It’s still hard not to get teary just thinking about her.

3. Please, please, please fix the CG monsters. They looked terrible.

4. How wicked would it be to see Emma Thompson return as Dr. Krippen, and watch her face the consequences of her ‘cure-for-cancer’.

The first hour of I Am Legend is a five-star movie. Am I the only one who thinks a prequel could match those heights?

One Response to “I Am Legend Prequel – I Wonder What Happens?”

  1. I would have to agree about i-am-legend, great for the first 1hr, degenerates after that. A pre-quill has promise though if executed properly, which i doubt it will given that the budget will almost certainly be smaller…a wait and see situation

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