Sorry Baz, Not Quite Sold on ‘Australia’ … Yet


A brand spanking new trailer for Baz Luhrmann’s Australia has arrived.

While it shows more promise than previous glimpses, something about this film just doesn’t feel right. Anyone get the idea they are trying to limit the amount of dialogue shown in these trailers? That’s never a good sign.


Australia, starring Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, (and any other predictable Australian actor you can think of) hits cinemas November 13.

10 Responses to “Sorry Baz, Not Quite Sold on ‘Australia’ … Yet”

  1. Sorry, but I don’t agree.. this is a fine trailer.. I love that this trailer doesn’t have heaps of narrative… the images speak. And for now, the cinematography is just awesome.. thank god for Baz and his cinematic eye… LOVE IT already! Perhaps ‘traileraddict’, you’d like to attempt to write a screen play, raise the funds, and put together a film, make a trailer or three, rather than sit behind your computer tearing strips off our magnificient Aussie filmakers, actors and indigenous peoples efforts, huh???

  2. haha, fair enough success – that’s a totally valid criticism. i will say just for arguments sake that my name is Simon, not traileraddict (that’s the website that hosts the trailer).I totally support all Aussie film makers. It’s been a tough year for them, and it looks like 2008 is going to be the worst on record (box office wise).And Baz Luhrmann has supreme visual talent – i don’t think anyone can deny that.but there is less than a month to go before this film comes out, and I’m yet to see a convincing trailer – certainly one that looks as if it has good dialogue or character interaction.i’ll end on one point – this is the EXACT kind of marketing we got for Pearl Harbour back in 2001. take that for what you will.

  3. Oh my — perhaps it would be more interesting if Nicole hadn’t frozen her face with so many injections that no facial expressions beyond a marble stare were a part of her repertoire. I find the CONCEPT of this film fascinating, but the two leads do absolutely nothing to entice me into the theatre. I’ll wait for the dvd. Now if it had been Cate Blanchett and Russell Crowe — THAT would have enticed me to plunk down my $15 for a ticket.

  4. I think the trailer looks great. Admittedly the dialogue I’m hearing so far does sound a little cheesy. But hey it will look awesome on a big screen so I’ll still see it nonetheless.

  5. Hmmm so far this movie looks like a cross between Crocodile Dundee, Far and Away, Rabbit-proof Fence and a bit of Pearl Harbour. And not in a good way.I love Baz so I hope he pulls it off. But I have yet to see anything to convince me this film will be new or original, and not just another rehash of cinema cliches held up by beautiful cinematography.

  6. We need to look at the bigger picture which is something we have not seen in a long time. We also need as proud Australians to get behind and support our own product instead of manufactured Hollywood. With the woes of the world invading our lives this arrives at an opportune time to give us the spirit of hope and survival that we all need. Consider the rest of the cast involved and anyone who doesn’t believe this is a winner is a loser. Good luck Baz, long live Australia.

  7. smug nationalistic attempts by vested interests to suppress valid criticisms are exactly what is wrong with our dated and desperate film industry. recycling saturated stories and styles from both hollywood and australian cinema history hardly does us proud. and indulging in producing such tepid excrescence on an epic scale does not get us off the hook. it’s ironic that ‘sydney movie tours’ resorts to a george dubya style of binary brutality – ‘yr either with us, or against us’ – in their attempt to project some form of cultural independence. quite frankly, righteous rubbish such as that has generated most of the referenced ‘woes’ the ‘tourists’ want to duck. i’m viewing the drip-released dross, re-jigs and re-shoots, as yet another big u.s. studio farce. i really wonder what everyone was thinking, pouring this much into a vanity project with a plot so slight it could be summed up in a sentence! australia seems neither fish nor fowl. but i’ll betcha anything it’s gonna be a massive turkey.

  8. Well I loved the trailer. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Of course I love Hugh Jackman in any movie.I think Nicole’s facial expressions suit the situations.I don’t agree about using Cate Blanchett and Russell Crow, although both are fine actors.Good on you Baz! It will probably be a winner!When the movie comes out at the theatre I certainly will go to see it.

  9. Fliqchik says yes/ I think it will b a great film even though kidman is in it and for hugh Jackman he can put his shoes under my bed any day or night………

  10. For me it’s feeling a bit like Town Like Alice (Bryan Brown becomes a POW after helping some Women POW’s and he and his love interest end up together in Australia after the WWII.)I was disheartened to hear of the studio’s interference, as I was hoping they would leave him be to do what he does best, which is tell a good story. I can’t say I’m convinced to go see it on the big screen though, and I don’t care what Oprah has to say – that woman has peddled far to many diet fads for me to give her opinion any credibility.I’ll wait to hear what my family and friends have to say after they’ve seen it before I decide.

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