Whatever Happened To … Alex Winter?

So we all know what happened to Ted (it turned out he was the saviour of humanity) but where exactly did Bill end up?

Yes, Alex Winter belongs to the select group of stars who were overshadowed by their counterpart. It could have gone either way for the stars of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. After the dust settled, it turned out that Winter was very much Andrew Ridgely to Keanu Reeves’ George Michael. So where did the less famous Wyld Stallyn end up?

Turns out that he’s doing alright for himself. Aside from a small role in Bones last year, Winter pretty much dropped acting altogether. Instead, he’s been establishing himself as a director. In 1999 he directed a film called Fever, which was part of the official selection at Cannes. Last year he made the live action Ben 10 film, Race Against Time.

His latest film We’re Here To Help stars Alan Rickman. It’s more than likely to go straight to DVD at the end of the year. But Alan Rickman! You can’t say Winter’s not moving on up.

Could we see Bill S. Preston Esq. at the Oscar podium sometime in the near future? Probably not. But wouldn’t that be an awesome sight.

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