Indy 5? But We’re Still Getting Over Number 4!


Everyone’s favourite grizzly sexagenarian Harrison Ford has confirmed the cogs of a fifth Indiana Jones film are already in motion.

He has told the LA Times that George Lucas “is in think mode right now”, and has an idea that is “crazy but great”.

“It’s automatic, really, we did well with the last one and with that having done well and been a positive experience, it’s not surprising that some people want to do it again,”

I don’t know guys. Is anyone else a bit worried about this? Crystal Skull made over $781 million worldwide, so it’s clear that a new generation has embraced the classic franchise.

However, speaking from personal experience and having spoken to fans of the originals, Indy 4 seems to have been a disappointment for many. It was definitely entertaining, but certainly didn’t hold a candle to Raiders of the Lost Ark, or even The Last Crusade.

George Lucas isn’t exacty the most popular guy around these days, mainly because of his obsession with destroying his own beloved franchises.

I guess the question is, if they make a fifth Indy film are these guys going to be addressing fan disappointment, or will it be just a billion dollar money grab?

What do you guys think? Would you like to see a fifth Indiana Jones flick? How did you feel about Crystal Skull? And is anyone game to defend George Lucas?

10 Responses to “Indy 5? But We’re Still Getting Over Number 4!”

  1. I liked Indy 4, Wasn’t the best Movie in the world, but was entertaining enough.No indiana 5, let it go. what’s it gonna be” Indiana Jones: and the time he takes his pills ” or ” Indiana Jones: and the day he bore the shit out of young kids, talking about the old days when he was young indiana jones and use to do all these crazy things”. In saying that, lucas knows there is More money to be made and Shia Lebouf is apparently an up and coming star, so i bet my left nut, there will another indy down the track. Maybe, indy: and the senile old fool?

  2. yeah, look, Indy 4 was by no means a BAD movie. it was entertaining enough. but it was pretty sloppily made when you look at it as a whole.I mean, it really lacked the thrills and adventure of the original trilogy; cgi was a little dodgy; worst of all, it just didnt feel like an Indy film.I mean, Indy doesn’t even try to outsmart the Russians. he literally does everything they tell him to. that’s not the indy I while Indy 4 was OK/Good, i would hate to see the original’s spirit diluted even more in a fifth film.

  3. I loved the 4th Indy and if Shia LaBeouf is gonna be in the 5th one too i’m in. I love Shia and think he did an awesum job. I dont think George Lucas destoried Indy at all. Tho if they continue after the 5th they may want to consider someone a little younger then Harrison. While was fantastic in the 4th it was a little unbelievable that he could still do some of that stuff. Tho i guess Harrison doin it is proof enough that no matter how old you are you can do anything you set your mind to.

  4. Been a massive Indy fan since i was a 10 year old and first saw Raiders. Cannot say the new one is in the same vein as the serial pulp originals (and i actually loved Temple Of Doom unlike some fans) but the new one was not like the originals, not serial pulp adventure. Aspects of it were there but it felt like it was going for 50’s sci fi b movie schlock and in that respect it worked – if they make another 2 in the same mould i think it could work – 3 pulp adventure movies and 3 50’s sci-fi b-movie schlock would be cool…if done right. Took me a while to get my head around the Skulls ending but then it occurred that sacred glowing stones and evil spirits coming out of a golden ark are no less far fetched!

  5. yeh, i thought Shia did a great job. but an indy film without harrison ford? Sacrilige!

  6. Hello! Como on now guys,give the man a break.It’s not only Indy the one who is older now..what about us? How long since the previous Indiana? Are you still the same age and still doing the same things? I don’t think so.And even if you are under 30 but over 20,how do you think a teen would look at you?.Yeah,the world has changed,we have changed too. But still just a couple of weeks ago Indy toped the list of favourite “heroes” from the big screen.Hollywood is about money,and 700 million worldwide is a big load! Cheers!

  7. Theres no doubt that money is some motivation for them, and its true that Phantom Menace sucked the big one, but I thought all in all Lucas did ok on Skull. It was not quite the same old magic but it was close and i really liked it. If it made almost 800 million then i am not the only one. I say if it can be as good or better then why not make more. Who cares about the age. This isnt a doco, its a movie and as long as it entertains and immerses me for a couple of hours then i am more than happy. Go OLD INDY !Oh and personally i think Shia is overrated. he isnt bad – i have only ever seen him in Disturbia, Transformers and Indy IV, and he is good in them, but nothing i havent seen before and i cannot see where the hype comes from. I daresay at the end of his career his stats sheet wont read as well as Harrison’s, i guatantee it!

  8. Okay, am I the only one who didn’t think the Star Wars prequels sucked? Sure, they have their flaws…but with all the fan-griping, was the dialogue really terrible? The only thing that didn’t work out, personally, was the cardboard relationship between Padme and Anakin. Frankly, I think Portman was miscast, but if you listen to the rest of the characters, is it really that horrendous?I think all this griping comes from overpriveleged adults who for some reason expect to feel nostalgic for a movie that is too recent. Yes, they are sequels (or prequels) to movies that came out in their heydays, but the sequels themselves are newlyborns, so how can they be expected to have any sort of nostalgic value? Is anyone nostalgic about Pineapple Express or Stepbrothers? No, because they are their own movies, with no past reputation.Which leads me to my next point…the fans are comparing the more recent films too much to their ancient predecessors. As Spielberg said, with the original Indy films, they captured lightning in a bottle three times. I agree, Crystal Skull wasn’t the best of the films. However, if you look at the movie closely, it resembles the originals more than fans like to admit. And remember, Spielberg did direct this…if anything, Lucas was basically taking the back seat. Aside from the cartoonish prairie dogs and a bunch of monkeys hurling LaBeouf like a sack of potatoes through the jungle, the rest of it was spot-on Indy. Try looking at all the positives this film had to offer, aside from one or two negatives that didn’t make a difference in a two-hour movie. By the way, I feel the same for the Star Wars films.As for a fifth film, I think the ending of Skulls said it all: there’s only one Indy. What do you think was the purpose for the last shot of the movie? But it would be interesting to have LaBeouf be the daring son who rescues his dad, similar to how Indy rescued Connery in Last Crusade. I will say, George has my blessing, but it really should be the last one. After all, without Harrison Ford, it isn’t Indiana Jones, now, is it?

  9. I thought Indiana Jones 4 was tripe. It was an “in-joke” movie, not an adventure with a grizzled chinned treasure hunter. If they’re going down the fun lane let’s scrap Ford and get Bruce Campbell cracking the whip. Shiz the Beef can do “Son of Indy” but for now we can just recast Indy. Why not? Just because the actor got old doesn’t mean we have to see that part of Indy’s life. I thought Dennis Quad (not Randy) would be a good stand in for Jones. he’s got that same cheekey cockiness about him and isnt far off in the looks dept.

  10. oh my – i never thought it possible, but there IS someone who could replace Harrison Ford! Nice work anonymous – Bruce Campbell would be freakin awesome! of course, i do standby the point that there should not be an Indy film without Ford.but damn, Campbell is a tempting replacement…

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