Recall the Oscars! EW Propose an Awards Show Mulligan


Entertainment Weekly is attempting to do what every film fan has wanted to do for decades – right some of the most notorious Oscar wrongs in history.

EW has sent out (non-legitimate) Oscar ballots to over 7000 industry insiders, encouraging a vote based on lasting quality, rather than overwhelming publicity buzz.

The first five years to go under the microscope will be 2003, 1998, 1993, 1988 and 1983 (basically, every fifth ceremony for the last twenty-five years).

Of course, the real problem here is that you can’t change the nominations. For instance, it’s hard to choose the Best Picture for 2003 when Finding Nemo isn’t an available option. Here are some of the more notable showdowns:


Hey, Debra Winger! Remember her?

Best Picture: Terms of Endearment beat The Big Chill and The Right Stuff.

Oh Raymond. Would you still want to fly Qantas nowadays?

Rain Man swept the awards. Main competition: Dangerous Liasons and Working Girl. Hmm, not much needs to be changed here.


“This can’t be right. It says I was beaten by the guy from Bachelor Party!“, Who,Adrien Zmed!?

Schindlers List beat The Piano and The Remains of The Day. Not exactly a controversial victory. However, Tom Hanks (Philadelphia) did beat Schindler himself, Liam Neeson, to Best Actor.


“Sure Joseph You’ll be just as famous as your brother one day. Now please, put me down.”

OK, now we’re talking. Best Picture winner Shakespeare in Love beat Elizabeth and Saving Private Ryan. Roberto Begnini (Life is Beautiful) beat Tom Hanks (SPR), Ian McKellan (Gods and Monsters) and Edward Norton (American History X) to Best Actor. Gwyneth Paltrow won Best Actress for Shakespeare, beating Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth.


This scene is as overblown and shamelessly in your face as Sean Penn’s performance in Mystic River. Zing!

The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King beat Lost in Translation and Mystic River to be named Best Picture. Sean Penn won Best Actor for Mystic River, beating Bill Murray in Lost in Translation, and (for arguments sake) Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribbean.

What do you think? Any major crimes that need to be reported amongst these winners? Are there any changes you would make in other years? Is anyone prepared to defend Crash?

3 Responses to “Recall the Oscars! EW Propose an Awards Show Mulligan”

  1. Brokeback Mountain crumbled in the face of Crash was deeply disturbing. Other shocking Oscar injustices include Shakespeare in Love defeating Saving Private Ryan, Braveheart slaughtering Babe, Titanic sinking LA Confidential, and Gladiator whipping Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Then again, the Academy did have uncharacteristic good sense in 1992 and gave all five major awards to The Silence of the Lambs.

  2. The only major crime against film included there (in my humble opinion) is Paltrow taking home th Oscar for Shakespeare. Some of the others could be put down to tastes, don’t forget the academy has an average age of about 103.

  3. good call on Crouching Tiger and LA Confidential, patrick.but dvdman’s right, so much of this is down to personal taste.for instance, i always though Nicholas Cage should have won best actor for Adaptation back in ’02. but most people would say im crazy (and for the record, Adrien Brody did deserve his oscar for The Pianist).but yeah, the only oscar victory that really annoys me is Crash.that’s a terrible film. and over Brokeback!? and good night and good luck?! and capote?! and even munich!? mental.

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