What Did You Think of Kath and Kim USA?

After months of anticipation, the premiere of the U.S. adaptation of Kath and Kim has finally landed.

NBC have been wringing their sweat-drenched hands since the project was announced, as the program has been plagued by bad buzz and angry Aussie fans.

Was Kath and Kim bad enough to plunge our two nations into war?

Was it the best comedy debut of the year?

Or does it sit in a less hyperbolic middleground?

What’s that? You want to know what I think? (For argument’s sake, play along. It makes me feel important).

I thought it was OK. Not a patch on the original, but I’m certainly not kicking up a fuss like everyone else, claiming that the source material is some sort of untouchable piece of art that has been stained by American intervention, like so much red wine.

While I thought it was about average, I’m willing to put my faith in it. Don’t forget – the US version of The Office had a pretty average pilot too, but in many ways, that has grown into an even funnier show than the U.K original. At the very least, they are able to exist as two seperate, high quality entities.

I only wish Australians can strive for the same level of classiness as the Brits, and not hunt down Molly Shannon and Selma Blair with pitchforks and flaming torches to the top of a hill, calling for their executions and not resting until our insatiable thirst for blood has been quenched.

I mean, we’ve all been there before.

But enough about what I think. Let us know Australia – Was it Noice? Different? Unusual? Or just plain bad?

15 Responses to “What Did You Think of Kath and Kim USA?”

  1. Blah. That’s what I thought. I didn’t laugh, chuckle or grin until the very end when the girls toasted global warming when I did raise a grin. Other than that it was just forgettable. I’m not outraged – more bored. I don’t imagine I’ll watch again as I’m sure there’ll be some paint drying or grass growing that will grab my attention instead.

  2. I thought it missed the point entirely. You cannot have a skinny Kim. I wasn’t expecting much in any case – I just wonder who convinced American produces to spunk cash on this…?

  3. I didnt even bother to watch it i hated the original australian version so why watch the american

  4. I didn’t see it, but surely it was made for an American audience, so what does it matter if Australians don’t like it – why would anyone over here get upset? We’ve got the original to watch.aria

  5. Can the Aussie sense of humor be that different from the yanks?I did not find it funny at all. it certainly makes you appreciate the talents of the original.two thumbs down from me.

  6. The American version was just unfunny.The plot is not the secret ingredient; it’s the impact of the characters. The US cast are cardboard cut-outs. The Aussie team is made from originals who take the mickey out of everyday situations. Each is an icon in his/her own right. I watched for 15 minutes but reallly had to switch off. I like a lot of US comedy but not this one.David

  7. The problem is that the brilliance of Kath & Kim is the spiky satire upon which the humour is based. We know the steroetype of suburb-dwellers, so we get the joke. In the American version, they have tried to run with the characters as stand-alone comedy gold, and they've missed the point that the characters are representative, and not all that interesting by themselves. The US show should have been translated to be making fun of American culture, the US suburbanite. But the writers have made the show a character-based comedy, rather than a witty mockery of the daggy side of city living. And that's why the show has lost its sharp edge, and all of its intrigue.

  8. Craparolla! If they played the original series in America it probably would have been a smash hit because Americans know Australian humour (for the most part) and would have prob found it funny.

  9. I totally agree – if not with the word ‘brilliance’ but with all the rest of what Jessica Graham said. And YES, Aussie and US humour are totally different. I didn’t like the original, I found it rather stupid, so I won’t even bother with the US version.

  10. Not funny, utterly missed the point, boring, why-oh-why do the American’s always think they can replicate Aussie or British humour? They tried to redo Faulty Towers with Bea Arthur – a woman – in the lead role!!!!!!!!! Stick to American comedy written by Americans, for Americans, you do that well sometimes, and simply learn to enjoy what other cultures produce.

  11. Kath and Kim all i can say is GIRLS you should have left it here in australia and possibly gone to england with it but the americans have a total different humour then ours , we get what kath and kim are about but changing the concept and not even touching the side lines of the australian version is a shame, i saw the first ten minutes and turned over i then tuned in for the next version on the wk just gone (again another ten minutes) I WAS VERY disappointed with the creators thinking they had more sense.Make more of the australian version girls thats what we WANT stuff taking O/S

  12. Totally pathetic. The Aussie humour just doesn’t “translate”.

  13. More Yankee crap. Rediculous and stupid. no where even near our one. Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!!

  14. Total crap. Not a funny moment. Didn’t get it. Yanks are too scared to take the micky out of themselves for fear they will be seen as stupid. There is no comparison to our kath and kim. We want more aussie kath and kim.

  15. Don’t we put up with enough American crap, why they take something so Aussie and ruin it is beyond me! Why it’s put on our televisions when we know you cant beat an original is irritating to say the least!

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