30 Rock Season 3 – Guest Starring O-Prah!!!

source: youtube.com

Look, I’ll get straight to the point: If you haven’t seen 30 Rock, you haven’t lived.

The brilliant show recently picked up a whole slate of Emmy’s, including Best Comedy, as well as Best Actress and Actor for stars Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin.

It follows the cast and crew behind the scenes of a Saturday Night Live-esque show. But that’s basically just a loose frame to base episodes around porno videogames, Government sanctioned ‘Gay-bombs’ and a hit (obviously fictional) program called MILF Island.

Season 2 only just finished on Australian screens, but America is about to air the third season in a couple of weeks.

This promo has a brief overview of the upcoming guest stars, which includes Oprah, Jennifer Aniston, Megan Mullally and Steve Martin.


Of course, who needs guest stars with characters like Liz Lemon, Tracy Jordan, Jack Donaghy, Kenneth the Page, Frank, Dr. Spaceman, Jenna Maroney, Grizz, Toofer, Dot Com, Lutz, Dennis Duffy, Devon Banks, Pete Hornberger, Don Geiss, Rickdiculous

Anyway, there are a lot of cool characters.

Add Season 1 to your queue here!

Season 2 is available December 3.

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