Telstra Want To Make Film Based on Advertisement


Congratulations Telstra! We thought nothing would usurp Disaster Movie as ‘the worst idea for a film, ever’. But look who’s stepped into the ring!

Ninemsn are reporting that telstra intend to make a film based on those father and son commercials.

The original actors, Patrick O’Meara and Brandon Fraser, will reprise their roles as ‘Man’ and ‘Boy’.

Telstra intend to use the film to promote their Bigpond internet brand. Wait. WHAT! The film is going to be an ad too! You heard it folks. They’re not even trying to hide it. They are making a 90 minute commercial.

Telstra are attempting to raise money for the $5 million flick by seeking grants from various Australian film commissions. So, basically, Telstra want the Government to pay for their advertisement.

A few things come to mind:

1. Umm, how are they getting away with this?

2. No film (or television show) should ever be based on characters in advertisements. Its stupid. Its a really bad idea. The ONE exception, would be the couple from those Nescafe ads about 10 years ago. Remember them? I wonder how they’re going…

3. I may be accused of being un-Australian for thinking Baz Luhrmann‘s Australia looks kind of lame. Anyone defending that movie is totally entitled to do so. But I cannot think of a single defence for the development of this flick. It will take away funds from other Australian films. And it won’t be good. I promise you.

What do you think? Should advertising and cinema mix? To what degree? Is this taking away from truly creative original Australian films? Or do you want to see the continuing adventures of ‘Man’ and ‘Boy’? Haha, just joking. But seriously, this movie sounds awful.

4 Responses to “Telstra Want To Make Film Based on Advertisement”

  1. If Telstra want to make an add/movie about themselves that fine by me – BUT not with a grant!

  2. I dont know about anyone else, but I think this movie will be thoroughly entertaining.Like when the Man tells the Boy incorrect facts about china, hilarious stuff!Telstra, if you need a financier, I’m willing to help… but then again, considering the phone bill I just received I believe you’ve already signed me up!(interesting side-note, Telstra is Maelstrom to spell checker.)

  3. Hmmm, brings back memories of a certain Australian film with Eric Roberts (who is american) as the lead. Remember “The Coca Cola Kid”? That was all about good old Coke! It really was a flop, although I really liked the Tim Finn song “Don’t Wanna Go Where There’s No Coca Cola” or sumfin’ like that.

  4. on a similar note Lexxii, you might want to check out ‘Mac and Me’ – a film co-financed by McDonalds, Coke and Skittles. It’s a big ripoff of ET, and it ends with the hopeful claim “we’ll be back”. of course, there was no sequel. check it out:

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