Check Out Perth-Made ‘Crush’


We’ve gotten ahold of the trailer for the West Australian thriller Crush, starring Chris Egan, Brooke Harman and Emma Lung.

Check out the HD trailer below.

Did the eagle-eyed notice the footage from the University of Western Australia?

Chris Egan has even sent us his top 10 thrillers, which you can check out on the top-right hand side of the page.

Hmm. According to him, Crush will be better and scarier than The Shining, Alien and The Silence of the Lambs. If you say so Chris.

Crush opens later in the year, so keep an eye out right here for some more exclusives.

5 Responses to “Check Out Perth-Made ‘Crush’”

  1. Hey.. whatshisname wouldn’t make that up just to make his movie look good! I’m sure that it is pure coincidence that his best thriller of all time just happens to be a movie that he is in.

  2. well how would you guys kno its not his favourite film? for one, he has actualy watched it and for 2, you guys havent so you don’t actually know how gd it is. why dont you wait till you’ve watched it before you question whether its his favourite film or not…

  3. everyone is entitled to their opinion right? btw, it doesnt look like its his number one pick, but its in his top ten…from the trailer it actually looks pretty good

  4. I’m not saying it’s a crap movie, I’m just saying it’s a MASSIVE coincidence.

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