Samuel L. Jackson Back For Iron Man 2 – Terrence Howard, Not So Much


Samuel L. Jackson has confirmed he will return as Nick Fury in the highly anticipated Iron Man sequel.

Those clever little monkeys who sat through the credits at the end of Iron Man were greatly rewarded, and were given a glimpse of Jackson as Avengers agent Nick Fury.

He turned up, eye patch and all, to inform Tony Stark of the Avengers Initiative, and basically look awesome.

Jackson has spoken to director Jon Favreau, who confirmed his part would be more substantial in the sequel. This is great news for fans, but bad news for David Hasselhoff, who took on the role of Fury in the telemovie Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Can’t the Hoff catch a break!

In sadder news, it was annoucned Terrence Howard would not be returning to the sequel to play Jim Rhodes/War Machine, because of a pay disupte. He will be replaced by Don Cheadle.

Although Cheadle is a fine actor, it is sad to see Howard go, especially before he could don the War Machine suit. That scene in the first film where Rhodey looks over at the Iron Man suit and says “next time” is now tinged with sadness and irony. I guess it really IS hard out there for a pimp.

Sigh. But more Sam Jackson, hey! Awe-some!

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