Wedding Planner Sequel Might Star … Madonna!?


Oh my word. I think it’s fair to say we’ve reported some of the worst ideas for films, ever. But sometimes a movie is announced that not only sounds unwatchable, but actively makes life on Earth significantly worse. This, is one of those films.

The sequel no one asked for is on its way, answering all the questions left over from the original, such as: “Oh my God, how do I get my money back?”

Jennifer Lopez has wisely declined to return, but original director Adam Shankman is back as producer, which is kind of good news. He directed the surprisingly awesome Hairspray, and is helming the promising Adam Sandler flick Bedtime Stories. However, he also directed The Pacifier. Yikes.

But here is the kicker people. Co-producing the film is – Madonna. Yes, the Madonna. Well, not THE Madonna, but, you know, the singer.

Now, that’s not necessarily the worst news. BUT, what if this is her big comeback to acting! She’s newly single and ready to mingle – maybe she thinks a wedding flick is the best way to get back in the game.

In short – please God no. A Wedding Planner sequel is bad enough, but if Madonna was in fact the lead actress … I don’t think words actually exist to describe how poor it would be. Maybe ‘awfultastic’. No, that’s stupid. Where is Kanye when you need him!?

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