New Watchmen Trailer To Replace Your Loved Ones


An amazing new trailer for Watchmen has debuted at the Spike TV 2008 Scream Awards. With each new piece of footage revealed, it’s becoming more and more apparent this film will make all of our lives so much better.

Oh mercy.

It’s pretty similar to the one we’ve already seen, but there is some great new footage, including a nuclear explosion and an extended shot of the Comedian plummeting to his death.

Speaking of plummeting, the latest one sheet has also made it’s debut:

Until it is released next March, I will be attempting to increasingly hyperbolise the (assumed) greatness of this film. For instance, before deciding on the title of this post, I toyed around with The Awesomeness of Watchmen Will Save Us From Recession, and When Watchmen Hits All Other Works of Art Will Be Rendered Useless.

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