What Are Your 10 Favourite Films?

We need your help Australia! We want to know what your favourite movies are, and prove once and for all that Quickflix members have better taste than regular folks.

In the comments section below, list your 10 FAVOURITE FILMS. It could be full of gory horror flicks, romantic comedies, or espionage thrillers. Hell, it could just be 10 Bond flicks. We want to know!

If you’re really struggling to think of 10 (but, seriously, that’s a bit weak) feel free to give us your FAVOURITE MOVIE EVER, and a reason why. We know you’ll do us proud, people!

Comme ca:

dvdman’s Top 10

1. Natural Born Killers
2. True Romance
3. Fight Club
4. The Usual Suspects
5. American Beauty
6. Seven
7. A Clockwork Orange
8. Reservoir Dogs
9. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
10. Apocalypse Now

Simon’s Top 10

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
2. Ghost World
3. Die Hard
4. Adaptation
5. Old Boy
6. Magnolia
7. Superbad
8. The Big Lebowski
9. Mulholland Drive
10. WALL-E

In the coming weeks, we will be collating the lists and providing a QUICKFLIX’S FAVOURITE FILMS collection. That’s right – YOU can influence what movies go in! And if one of your favourite films isn’t currently on the site, let us know, and we’ll do our best to get a hold of it.

Go on, Australia. Have your say!

77 Responses to “What Are Your 10 Favourite Films?”

  1. 1.Aliens2.Star Wars3.The Rock4.Transformers5.Blade6.The Dark Knight7.Terminator 28.Face Off9.Universal Soldier10.Rocky 4

  2. no wussy stuff for me (poss green mile):1)Fight Club2)Full metal Jacket3)Casino Royal4)Terminator 25)The Matrix6)Star Wars7)Gallipoli8)Taxi Driver9)Bridge over the River Kwai10)The Green Mile

  3. Fifth Element – Loved the action and I’m a fan of Milla.The Transporter – Jason Statham need I say more lolDeath at a Funeral – laughed all the way through itLord of the Rings – Even though it was a long movie it didn’t seem that longCrank – Funny as and it had Jason in it Taken – Action all the way through it and kept me on the edge of my chairPirates of the Caribbean – great action movie againCasino Royale – I hated all Bond movies but this one rocksDay Watch – Great story and cool graphics but have to watch it twice due to the subtotals but it’s better in RussianSerenity – A chick that can kick @ss is great hehe

  4. I’m a bit concerned my top 10 makes me look like some kind of blood-thirsty, sex and violence freak. That maybe so, but these are actually all good movies. I recommend you all watch them.

  5. 1.The Colour Purple2.Singin in the Rain3.Amelie4.Finding Nemo5.Transformers6.Stomp the Yard7.Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon8.Breakfast at Tiffanys9.My Fair Lady10.Some Like it HotSo hard, but best I can do for now – need more of a top 100! These are in no particular order because I love them all equally.

  6. 1. Edward Scissorhands2. Goodfellas3. Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels4. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas5. The Big Lebowski6. Lost in Translation7. Pulp Fiction8. Reservoir Dogs9. Casino10. Fight Club

  7. 1.Revenge of the Sith2.Terminator 23.Casino4.Return of the Jedi5.Goodfellas6.The Departed7.The Exorcist8.Transformers9.X Men 210.The Dark Knight

  8. 1.Bladerunner2.Betty Blue3.In the Bedroom4.The Longest Day5.Papillion6.The Good, the Bad, the Ugly7.Vanishing (the dutch original Spoorloos)8.Vanishing Point9.Paris Texas10.The Three Burials of Melquides Estrada

  9. 1. Iron Man2. Transformers3. Zodiac4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind5. The Dark Knight6. Casino Royale7. Signs8. Saw9. The Incredible Hulk10. The Shawshank Redemption

  10. In no particular order:1. The Shawshank Redemption2. Idle Hands3. Ginger Snaps4. American Beauty5. Amelie6. Deathproof7. Mean Girls8. Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels9. White Chicks10. Se7enAnd SO many more.

  11. 1. American Beauty2. The Life Aquatic3. The Sting4. Aliens5. Monsters Inc6. Donnie Darko7. Stand By Me8. Spirited Away9. Pulp Fiction10. PredatorThe Sting? Yes The Sting, Robert Redford AND Paul Newman in one of the best caper flicks of all time? It should be in everyone’s top ten, and if it’s not? Well good day to you good sir, good day to you.

  12. 1. Lost in Translation2. Superbad3. Juno4. Lars and the Real Girl5. Gone Baby Gone6. Amelie7. Fargo8. Rushmore9. Father of the Bride (part one)10.Where the Boys are (1960)Your best article yet guys! This was a tough one, just so you don’t think this was a best of 2007 list here are the runner’s up…..Boogie nights, The Apartment, Annie Hall, 2 days in Paris and the Goonies.

  13. In alphabetical order:1. Big 2. Blade Runner3. Cinema Paradiso4. Close Encounters of the Third Kind5. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon6. Dead Poets Society7. The Shawshank Redemption8. Stand By Me9. Star Wars10. When Harry Met Sally

  14. 1. The Philadelphia Experiment2. Brubaker3. Blade Runner4. Die Hard (All of them)5. Priscilla Queen of the Desert6. Fight Club7. Thelma and Louise8. Misery9. Toy Story10. Monster Inc.

  15. 1. Beauty & The Beast2. Princess Bride3. Identity4. Mind Hunters5. 13 Ghosts6. Forgetting Sarah Marshall7. Apocalypto 8. Casino Royale9. Pans Labrynth10.Four Brothers

  16. 1. Forest Gump2. The Green Mile3. The Replacements4. The Shawshank Redemption5. Schindler’s List6. Saw III7. Se7en8. The Lion King9. Rocky IV10. Fight Club

  17. CasablancaThe classic status of Curtiz’s opus could be attributed to the formidable ensemble, faultless script or any other technical aspect that goes into making a film. But recalling my first viewing it was Rick Blaine’s wit and sarcasm that dragged this film into the modern age. Brilliant.12 Angry MenHenry Fonda’s headstrong every-man performance sparkles in this gripping ensemble piece about a jury’s deliberations on a seemingly open-and-shut murder case. Complex topics such as racism and prejudice are brought to the fore, culminating in an engrossing scene with Ed Begley Snr. FargoThe Coen brothers knack for making both pedestrian and macabre scenes comedic works exceptionally well in this tale of a kidnapping gone wrong. The masterful casting and screenplay excel this thriller past the slew of second-rate crime flicks and into the quintessential-viewing realm.Glengarry Glen RossA composite of America’s greatest actors bring David Mamet’s adapted play to life. This portrayal of a group of real estate salesman and their last chance efforts to retain their jobs is an acting student’s dream. A gleaming highlight is Alec Baldwin’s brass-balls scene, especially written by Mamet for him.The GodfatherLike Michael’s duty to his family, there’s an overwhelming sense of the whole being bigger than the sum of this movie’s parts. This meticulously constructed gangster masterpiece shows the world what can happen when all magical movie elements align. There will never be another piece of art created like this.The Maltese FalconIt took three attempts, a legendary director and a handful of movie legends to dish out movie justice to Dashiell Hammett’s novel. But third time was well and truly a charm as Bogart’s Spade suavely accepts the challenge to hunt down the mysterious bird. Intriguing mystery at its very best.Rear WindowRear Window may stand as Alfred Hitchcock’s most straightforward collaboration with James Stewart, who plays a wheelchair bound photographer that passes the time watching his mischievous (or perhaps murderous?) neighbours from his window, but it’s certainly the most rewarding. Technically gripping stuff from the master of suspense.GoodfellasSimilarly to Coppola’s Godfather films, Scorsese focuses on a family of gangsters using his own stylistic approach. Told from one character’s point of view, this cross-generational epic effortlessly displays how anyone, given the right surrounding and personality, can be drawn to a career of crime. Seven SamuraiKurosawa’s groundbreaking against-the-odds tale of a group of masterless samurai who bind together to save a tormented village still stands as a template for countless modern day releases. Brimming with action, comedy and heartbreaking drama, Seven Samurai is a fully-fledged classic.The ShiningStanley Kubrick’s loose adaptation on Stephen King’s novel about a writer-turned-caretaker and his family, employed to overlook(!) a haunted hotel in the off-season is an artistic, visually haunting splendor. Uncharacteristically, intentional gaps in story actually add to the memorable nature of certain key scenes that forever linger with the viewer.

  18. I'm afraid my list will be very disappointing for most.1) The Notebook2) Ghost3) PS. I Love You4) Grease5) Dumb & Dumber6) Top Gun7) Shawshank Redemption8) The Incredibles9) The English Patient10) Forest GumpCan we see a theme here? Robin

  19. nice work Shayne! if people want to let us know why they have chosen certain movies, feel free to post your reasons aswell.and nice call on 12 angry men!

  20. Ever AfterNarniaHOOKStar WarsPeter PanThe IncrediblesSuperman ReturnsStuart LittleLegend of ZorroMask of Zorro

  21. 1. The Shawshank Redemption 2. Clerks 3. Clerks II 4. Aliens 5. The Man with the Golden Gun 6. Halloween (1978) 7. The Abyss 8. The Terminator 9. Terminator II: Judgment Day10. The Pursuit of Happyness

  22. In no particular order…Star WarsBack to the futureTerminatorPredatorFirst BloodDie HardRaiders of the lost arkMallratsForrest GumpGettin Square

  23. AliensBarton FinkThe Shawshank RedemptionThe Elephant Man12 MonkeysLOTR: The Two TowersStar WarsThe Battle of BritainZuluBridge on the River Kwai

  24. nice list Sydney Rooster, if that is your real name. Which i dont think it is. Good call on Halloween/Clerks/Aliens

  25. 1.Resevour Dogs2. fear and loathing in las vegas3. fight club4. pretty woman5. 28 weeks later6. the wedding singer7. kill bill 1 and 2 8. ledgends of the fall9. the hills have eyes10. reign over me

  26. TitanicForrest GumpTwo HandsFace OffShawshank RedemptionPirates of the CaribbeanThe Wedding SingerKill Bill 2Walk the LineA Knight’s Tale

  27. 10.Jurrasic Park9. The Perferct Storm8. Finding Nemo7. Pirates of the Caribbean6. Toy Story5. Happy Gilmore4. Anchorman3. Shawshank Redemption2. The Dark Knight1. The Lion King

  28. GoodfellasFargoAmelieQuest for FireAmerican BeautyContactTitanicAlienBlade RunnerBrazil

  29. 1.One flew over the cuckoos nest(pivotal moment in movie history)2.Reservoir Dogs(Best dialogue and casting of all time) 3.Pulp fiction(redifined the way movies are made)4.Once were warriors.(Left me speechless)5.The wizard of Oz(every child should see this, magical.)6.Rear window (5 actors and only the same amount of shots gives testamint to a genius at work)7.Millers crossing(John tuturo scene is the best acting I've ever seen)8.The Lord of the Rings(1,2&3 say no more)9.The Shootist (wayne's portrayal of ageing Gunslinger with terminal cancer, brave effort considering he was dying of cancer at the time)10.Breakfast at Tiffany's(the definition of a lady)

  30. rebecca k said1.the crow2.footloose3reckless4 crank5,,mullhoand drive6.shawkshank redemption7the dark knight8.titanic9jaws10.nightmare on elm street

  31. In alphabetical order… 1. Bourne Identity Trilogy 2. Chocolat 3. Ocean’s 11 Trilogy 4. Pulp Fiction 5. Robyn Hood (Errol Flynn) 6. Second Hand Lions 7. Snatch 8. Sneakers 9. The Wedding Date10. True Lies

  32. 1.One flew over the cuckoos nest(a pivotal moment in movie history)2. Reservoir Dogs(best cast and screen play)3.Rear window(4 actors and as many shots is testimint to a genius)4.Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid( Gets better each time I see it)5.Pulp fiction (changed the way movies were made forever)6.The Wizard of Oz (every Kid should be given the oppurtunity to see this magical film)7.The Lord of the Rings(1,2&3 say no more)8.Millers Crossing (John Turturo scene in the woods still the best acting I've seen)9.Once were Warriors( left me in shock, Graphic story telling of abuse in the family)10. Breakfast at Tiffany's (Audrey Hepburm – difinition of a lady)

  33. Lord of the Rings (count all 3 as 1)BladerunnerTruly Madly DeeplyThe Green MileAtonementCasino RoyaleIronmanTitanicA Knights TaleAmerican Beauty

  34. 1. Godfather2. Godfather 23. Shawshank Redemption4. Casino5. The Green Mile6. Seven7. American Beauty8. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape9. Goodfellas10. Heat

  35. 1. Star Wars2. Back to the Future3. Sound of Music4. Notebook5. Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle stop cafe.6. Miss Potter7. Lord of the Rings8. Rear Window9. Mamma Mia10.Pearl Harbour

  36. 1. Aliens2. Alien3. Cinema Paradiso4. Sumo Do, Sumo Don’t5. Back to the Future6. The Color Purple7. Misery8. Finding Nemo9. Crash10. Amelie

  37. Paz 1. The Leopard2. AFrican Queen3. To Kill a Mockingbird4. Casablanca5. Jean de Florette6. Out of Africa7. The English Patient8. The Buena Vista Social club9. The Unbearable Lightness of Being10. Amelie

  38. 1. Benny and Joon2. Vanilla Sky3. He Died with a Felafel in His Hand4. Garden State5. Donnie Darko6. Dark Horse7. Nói the Albino8. Interview with the Vampire9. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind10. The Science of Sleep

  39. *blair witch project*mean girls*saw 1234*Shes the man*stick it*texas chainsaw massacre (2007)*Bring it on 1234*Butterfly effect*The ring*blades of glory

  40. 1. Fight Club2. Snatch3. The People Vs Larry Flint4. Boondoch Saints5. Frida6. Trainspotting7. American History X8. Children of Men9. Beetlejuice10. 24 Hour Party People

  41. A few of the old classics in here – bit of an unusual mix really1. Starwars IV2. Lord of the Rings3. The Shawshank Redemption4. The Matrix5. Where Eagles Dare6. Terminator 27. Memoirs of a Geisha8. Monsters Inc9. The Sound of Music10. Raiders of the Lost ArkMost of the modern films are too fresh in my memory to add them.

  42. It’s very hard to pick 10, I’d have trouble picking a top 50…..anyway here goes1, saved!2, Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind3, Evolution4, Donnie Darko5, Dogma6, Pride and Predjudice7, The virgin suicides8, Me without You9, Northanger Abbey10, tossup between Cruel Intentions, the History Boys or Georgia Rule

  43. in no particular order1. alice in wonderland2. across the universe3. grease4. the notebook5. into the wild6. the corpse bride7. reefer madness8. little miss sunshine9. death at a funeral10. 10 things i hate about you

  44. 1. Morvern Callar2. The US Vs John Lennon3. Pan’s Labyrinth4. Amelie5. Kill Bill – Part 26. Eraserhead7. Lost Highway8. Blue Velvet9. Donnie Darko10.Ghost World

  45. Out of AfricaGorillas in the MistGhandiTitanicHappy FeetPinic at Hanging RockMuriels WeddingAs it is in HeavenThe StingAustraliaNo, I haven’t see Australia but I know I’ll love it as I like to be entertained with a good story, great actors and memorable movie score.

  46. wa-hey! a second vote for Ghost World – cheers Nae! also, im glad to see there are plenty of people championing Eternal Sunshine out there. as for the inclusion of Australia – a brave bet to select a film that has not yet been seen by anyone (aside from Baz of course).but hey – you love movies, i love movies. We’re all friends here! you can enjoy wateva you like guy (or gal)!

  47. A mixed bag…1. Gladiator2. Major Payne3. Transformers4. The Patriot5. Amistad6. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective7. Matrix8. Kickboxer9. Batman Returns10. Happy Gilmore

  48. MalcolmWild BunchClockwork OrangeLawrence of ArabiaAlien2010A Fish Called WandaSixth SenseMagnificent SevenWhistle Down The Wind

  49. 1. To Kill a Mockingbird2. Serentiy3. Metropolis (Fritz Lang)4. Mystery Alaska5. Blade Runner6. Twister7. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure8. Aliens9. Demolition Man10. Contact

  50. 1) Back to the Future – the whole trilogy, but especially the first one.2) Arsenic and Old Lace3) Schindler's List4) Gallipoli5) Beauty and the Beast – the Disney animated one5) Pinocchio6) Toy Story 1 & 27) Bridge on the River Kwai8) The Great Escape9) Star Wars, Episode IV10) The Adventures of Huck Finn, with Elijah Wood

  51. My top ten:1. Capricorn One2. 9 1/2 Weeks3. Something About Mary4. Silence Of The Lambs5. Boys Don’t Cry6. Schindler’s List7. Shawshank Redemption8. The Rocky Series in 1 sitting.9. The Lion King10.0 Mulholland Drive.

  52. 1)The Sound of Music2)Dr. Zhivago3)Jesus of Nazareth4)The Singing Nun5)The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima6)The Great Race7)The Prince of Tides8)Crime & Punishment (The original black & white-in Russian w/ eng. subtltles)9)I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (Kathleen Quinlan-anyone know where I can buy this??10)Out on a Limb(the Shirley MacLaine one)**Anything Hayley Mills; Barb. Striesand; psychiatric; religious; and/or prisons. Marie(Sissy Spacek)is good.P.S. (I tried to list favourites that have not been listed so far).**Ooops, I can't leave out the hilarious: "What About Bob?" :)*Later on, if you do TV Shows, can it pleeease be longer than just ten? T.Y.

  53. Rocky Horror Picture ShowReservoir DogsJunoPriscillaBig LebowskiMoonstruckLOTR trilogyPulp FictionLeon, the ProfessionalRaising Arizona

  54. 1 – Highlander (The original)The concept of dealing with immortality as a double edged sword… forgive the pun. All of the sequels failed to live up to the original.2 – FlatlinersAgain more for the concept of the movie then it being a fabulous movie in itself. The guys are all big time stars now, but at the time they were relatively unknowns dealing with the possibility of the sins of the past coming back to haunt us.3 – The CrowAgain only the original. The myriad of sequels were bitter disappointments. 4 – TransformersBring back your childhood in a movie that doesn’t end up being a bitter disappointment is just cool. Top it off with getting the original voice actors for Opimus Prime and Megatron and you have the ultimate mix. 5 – Batman BeginsThe previous Batman franchise had turned in to utter rubbish then comes along this movie that allows you to forget the neon and spandex that the previous movies had turned into. 6 – The Silence of the LambsHannibal: a character that everyone loves to hate. Anthony Hopkins creates the ultimate bad guy that you just can’t help but search for a bit of redemption in, albeit in a sick Sociopathic way. 7 – The Man from Snowy RiverI’m an Aussie by choice not by birth, and this was my first exposure to Australia. An action movie with the obligatory love story made before Action movies followed the formula of Body Count + Explosions + $200,000,000 budget.8 – Spaced Invaders“There not evil, they’re just stupid” A silly movie that doesn’t try to be serious, and doesn’t make any apologies for being silly. 9 – EvolutionAgain a movie that makes no apologies for being silly. Yes it’s filled with American humour, and yes I was the only one laughing hysterically in the theatre, while everyone else was silent. Who can’t find David Duchovny in the back of a Jeep singing “Play that funky music white boy” funny?10 – FootlooseIt’s fun. It’s innocent, and it is the epitome of the 80’s. Yes girls really did wear spandex and leg warmers. Guys really did drive around a little too fast with cassettes of Quiet Riot on the stereo. Top that off with one liners like “We got both kinds of music here… Country and Western.” And you have a classic in the making. Yes it’s “Like totally cheesy man” but you have to love the movie for the cringe factor and the nostalgia.

  55. In no particular order (I’ve given up ordering them, it changes too much):The Boondock SaintsThe Shawshank RedemptionNatural Born KillersBladerunnerThe Dark KnightFear and Loathing in Las VegasO Brother, Where Art Thou?CasablancaSin CityEternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

  56. for sure Psychocat – we’ll definitely have a “Favourite TV Shows” post in the coming weeks.

  57. My Top Ten are very varied..but love every one1 Lord of the Rings, Return of the King2 Star Wars3 Cinderella4 Snow White5 All the Presidents Men6 The Long Good Friday7 Beauty and the Beast8 Harry Potter adn the Philosopher’s Stone9 The Dam Busters10 Sleeping Beauty

  58. 1.Almost Famous2.Dead Man3.Sunshine4.Bridge to Terabithia5.A History Of Violence6.Before Sunrise7.The Cook, The Thief, His Wife And Her Lover8.28 Days Later9.Dog Soldiers10.The Saint

  59. So many films over so many years, it’s difficult to choose. 1. Zorba the Greek (USA/Greece ‘64)2. Babettes Feast (Denmark ’87)3. Bagdad Café (USA ‘88) 4. Jean de Florette (France ‘86).5. Manon des Sources (France ‘86)6. The Lives of Others (Germany ‘06)7. Moonstruck (USA ‘87)8. Ikiru (Japan ’52)9. Citizen Kane (USA ‘41)10. Marty (USA ‘55)

  60. 1. Schlock The Banana Monster (John Landis’s directorial debut and best film. It makes American Warewolf In London look like a joke. A poster of this movie appears in Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video.)2. Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes (It has it all, suspense, vegetables, horror, funky danceable music!)3. Blacula (Hey, if we have a black president in the White House, why not a black dracula movie!)4. Pink Flamingos (John Water’s debut and most entertaining movie. Starring Divine!)5. UHF (A comedy classic from the genius mind of Weird Al Yankovic. Also put Kramer on the map before he was on Seinfeld)6. Island of Lost Souls (The first feature-length film adaptation of H. G. Wells’s The Island of Dr. Moreau – A MASTERPIECE!)7. Killer Klowns From Outer Space (Finally the truth about clowns is out! Beneath their smirky sinister grins and wildly patterned clothes are clever killers from out of this world. BEWARE!)8. Sick – The Life And Death Of Super Masochist Bob Flanagan (If you are a fan of Nine Inch Nails this needs no introduction.)9. The Pit and the Pendulum (Vincent Price’s best movie)10. The Fly (The original and the best and not that lame Cronenberg remake).THAT’S TEN MOVIES NOT AVAILABLE ON QUICKFLIX!!!!

  61. nice work slartiFARTfast (hitchhikers guide to the galaxy fan are we?)- you definitely take the ‘Most Unique Top 10’ prize! we’re gonna do our best to make sure we can get some of these titles into our catalogue. however, considering some of the unspeakable acts commited by Divine in Pink Flamingos, maybe future viewers should be warned!haha, cheers for the list again!

  62. I’m afraid a large proportion of the films listed in slarti’s Top 10 are either not available or VERY hard to find (long since deleted), but if any of you can find them, they are well worth a look, even if you’ll be “changed” afterwards.

  63. so hard to narrow it down. I left some more common “bests” off the list in favour of some obscure-ish newies I’ve found…1. Serenity (top fav.. love Joss Whedon but fire fly is his best I love the language he uses, not the common a-typical hollywood story)2.Riddick (dark hero. love both these movies, number 2 is best beautiful CG work every aspect of this movie is pure brilliance I love Judi Dench in this)3.Shaun of the dead! (nothing like a good comedy horror, days gone by that genre was in abundance, they try to make them now but fall sadly short, UNTILL THIS! Wicked dudes, made this movie)4.Fido (kinda has to follow the previous, I didn’t even know this was Billy Connolly, silly me.)5.Instinct (I am an Anthony Hopkins fan since silence of the lambs, But the social awakening in this movie has to be experienced! still appropriate today, sadly not much has changed)6.Identity (I usually guess whats gunna happen in movies, this one threw me, very dark and mentally stimulating, which is rare in horror-ish genre.)7.Deaths of Ian Stone (I had to put this on the list, It’s not big production but the monsters are so well done. It’s a wicked “they are among us” that had me looking over my sholder.)8.Sunshine (doomsday, gotta love it. just like Deep Impact and Armageddon without the touchy-feely.)9.Wedding Singer (had to. I’ve watched this movie so many times. Every girl wants to be sung to.)10. The league of extraordinary gentlemen. (I knew nothing of this movie as I sat to watch it. It has all my favourite charachters, Hyde, Mina Harker from dracula, Dorian Gray, Nemo, Tom Sawyer. Great hero movie)

  64. 1. Lawrence of Arabia2. Blade Runner3. The Lord of the Rings (all of it)4. The Princess Bride5. Caberet6. The Lion in Winter7. Die Hard8. Hero9. Spirited Away10. Mystic River

  65. Sorry guys. Got a bit carried away when I was reminiscing1. One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest2. Snatch3. Seven4. The Godfather (trilogy)5. Apocolypse Now6. Breaker Morant7. The Usual Suspects8. The Bourne (trilogy)9. Bullworth10.Babel11.To Kill A Mockingbird12.American History X13.In Bruges14.The Good, The Bad & The Ugly15.Lawrence Of Arabia16.Picnic17.Lock Stock "N" 2 Smokin' Barrels18.Crash19.The Shawshank Redemption20.No Country For Old Men21.The Man Who Would Be King22.The Green Mile23.Papillion24.Where Eagles Dare25.Monster's Ball26.The Elephant Man27.Gandhi28.Chocolat29.Moonstruck30.Schindler's List31.The Sting32.Silence Of The Lambs33.9-1/2 Weeks34.The Big Chill35.Raging Bull36.Taxi Driver37.In The Heat Of The Night38.The Departed39.Lord Of The Rings trilogy40.Gone Baby Gone41.White Men Can't Jump42.The Big Easy43.Angel Heart44.The Wedding Singer45.Sea Of Love46.The Lonesome Dove47.Scent Of A Woman48.Dr Zivago49.Braveheart50.Bridge On The River Kwai

  66. Here’s my 2 bits worth, in no particular order -GladiatorThe NotebookThe Dark KnightTitanicMoulin RougeThe Long Kiss GoodnightForrest GumpHarry Potter – all of themSilence of the LambsPresumed Innocent…Gabes 🙂

  67. NickyG said..Tarentino Rules!!1.Reservoir Dogs2.Pulp Fiction3.Saw 1,2,3,44.Natural Born Killers5.Blue Velvet6.Clockwork Orange7.Kill Bill 1&28.The Shining9.Fargo10.Dusk till DawnCouldn`t resist one more11.American Psycho

  68. In no particular order:- It Happened One Night- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind- Rebel Without A Cause- Before Sunrise/Sunset- To Kill A Mockingbird- The Last Temptation of Christ- Ferris Bueller’s Day Off- 12 Angry Men- Breakfast at Tiffany’s- Rear Window.

  69. The Scarlet PimpernelLost in TranslationGroundhog DayFerris Bueller’s Day OffThe Breakfast ClubLadyhawkeEmmaTerminator 2: Judgement DayTombraiderNotting Hill

  70. nice work everyone – i’ve compiled all 393 films mentioned (so far) and developed a pretty impressive top 50. there are some amazing surprises in there.keep an eye out on the blog, and in next week’s On the Couch for the results!

  71. 1. The Godfather Part 12. The Godfather Part 23. The Shawshank Redemption4. Almost Famous5. Jaws6. Good Will Hunting7. Heat8. Seven9. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind10. Swingers

  72. 1.The Untouchables2.Mad Max3.Fried Green tomatoes4.The Polar Express (i do believe!)5.Pulp Fiction (This was my first Tarantino)6.Sabrina (the Audrey Hepburn version of course!)7.Hot Fuzz (Hilarious!no it’s not a porno!)8.Dirty Dancing9.Monty Pythons Holy Grail10.zoolander

  73. 1. Shawshank Redemption2. Harvey3.Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade4. Pride and Predjudice (bbc colin firth)5. Brothers Grimm6.Princess Bride7.Pursuit of Happiness8.Roman Holiday9. Much Ado about nothing10.The Birdcage

  74. no ordertaxi drivernetworkstraw dogsmagnoliaa clockwork orangemidnight cowboynatural born killersthe godfather part IIheatone flew over the cuckoos nest

  75. One flew over the cuckoos nestAmerican BeautyRomeo & Juliet (Baz' version)Thelma & LouiseRemember the TitansTerminator 2GreaseOnce Were WarriorsAmerican History XZoolander

  76. New member, so very late here:Charlotte GrayCaptain Corelli's MandolinThe English PatientCold MountainThe Royal TenenbaumsPulp FictionGladiatorMulholland DriveFight ClubStrictly Ballroom

  77. 1. Star Trek2. Watchmen3. Passion of the Christ4. Sin CIty5. Transformers6. 3007. Iron Man8. Planet Terror9. Speed Racer10. House of Flying Daggers

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