Fanboys Trailer Looks Cool – You Know It To Be True


The brand new trailer for Kyle Newman‘s troubled Fanboys has landed.

Set in 1999, the film tells the story of four friends who attempt to break into Skywalker Ranch and see The Phantom Menace before anyone else.

The film has been in the editing room for the last year, as producers Harvey and Bob Weinstein attempted to cut out a vital plot point: one of the friends has cancer.

Fanboy reaction was so vehement, the Weinsteins had no choice but to let Newman recut the film with the cancer plot intact.

The trailer capitalises on the billions of suspected Star Wars references, and it’s bevy of cameo appearances (such as The Guy from Die Hard 4 and The Hot Chick from Sin City). Strangely, Seth Rogen is noticably absent, despite playing no less than THREE small roles. Veronica Mars hottie Kristen Bell also has a leading role, yet is nowhere to be seen. What’s up with that?

There is something tragic about this happy-go-lucky adventure. I mean, if they’re successful, they have to watch The Phantom Menace. Was it worth it guys?

Fanboys opens in 2009.

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