Movie Mistakes – James Bond Edition!


Quantum of Solace, the latest James Bond flick, is so close we can almost touch it. It had a record breaking weekend in the UK, and we can expect similar results when it lands November 19 in Australia. currently has a 007 tribute page, honouring the most embarrassing gaffe’s in the film series history. Strangely, the biggest mistake of the series has been notably left out – Halle Berry‘s performance in Die Another Day. Hiyo!

In this scene from Goldfinger, Bond’s tie literally evaporates as he attaches a silencer to a gun.

In the very same film, another disappearing act occurs. This time, Goldfinger HIMSELF disappears into thin air. Rumours that Sean Connery is actually a shapeshifting magical warlock remain unconfirmed (or denied!)

From Russia With Love: Ah yes. The old stunt car switcheroo. One is banged up. The other in mint condition. Now you see me, now you don’t!

The Man with the Golden Gun: Not even Roger Moore can maintain the illusion of cinema during this fight scene, which reveals a film crew in the reflection of the mirror. No! The fourth wall has been broken! Never let them see behind the curtain Moore!
At least it’s good to know those primitive mistakes would never be repeated in the modern classic Casino Royale. Oh wait. Strike that.

Epic fail Bond.
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