Megan Fox is Not Wonder Woman


A poster and website claiming that Megan Fox will star as Wonder Woman in an upcoming film has been confirmed as fake by a Warner Bros. rep.

The site,, has been teasing information about the film for the last week, finally debuting an impressively photoshopped poster on Monday.

As mentioned, the site is a fake, and Megan Fox will not star as Wonder Woman in any upcoming adaptation.

Thank God. I mean, apart from her ridiculous hotness, Fox just doesn’t have the chops to carry a film.

Even in the upcoming Jennifer’s Body, Fox basically just plays a cannibalistic man-trap. Aside from the cannibalism, it doesn’t seem like much acting is going on there.

Let us know who you would like to see as Wonder Woman.

3 Responses to “Megan Fox is Not Wonder Woman”

  1. cannibalistic man-trap – her specialty

  2. Megan Fox will always be some form of Wonder Woman in my eyes, movie role or not.

  3. I do wonder about that woman.

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