Chris Rock Remaking ‘Death at a Funeral’. Wait, What?!


Chris Rock is set to write, produce and star in a re-imagining (God, I hate that word) of the hit British film Death at a Funeral.

Rock’s version will feature a primarily African-American cast, and feature variations on the events that occur in Frank Oz‘s film.

I think Chris Rock is a very funny man, but his cinematic exploits have often verged on the embarrassing. Remember, he was in Lethal Weapon 4. What’s up with that?

I haven’t seen Death at a Funeral, although everyone I know that has seen it has given it a glowing review. I don’t know. It looked terrible.

The film was a runaway hit here in Australia, grossing over $13 million. However, it didn’t really connect with audiences in America. Therefore, it’s kind of strange that the project has attracted Rock. Saying that, it might be a perfect opportunity to give an interesting concept some extra life in America.

What do you think? Any fans of Rock out there? How about of Death at a Funeral? Who thinks this film could work? Is it too soon for a remake?

One Response to “Chris Rock Remaking ‘Death at a Funeral’. Wait, What?!”

  1. An unfunny overrated comedian (I’d love to see the Quickflix queues for the “Everybody Hates Chris” season 1 tv show) remaking an unfunny overrated British comedy (A gay midget?! A man on drugs talking to a shrub! How outrageous?!).Sounds like they are made for one another.Like Ice Cube’s latest family comedy “Are We Done Yet?”, I expect a lot of the comedy for this film will come from people falling over.How outrageous!

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