Zach and Miri’s Missed Opportunity


We were very saddened here at Quickflix to learn Kevin Smith‘s latest film Zach and Miri Make A Porno didn’t do so well at the U.S box office.

Despite strong reviews and the starpower of Seth Rogen (whose presence in a film is usually a licence to print money), the film opened to about $10 million U.S., well short of the $30 million it was hoping to earn.

Smith has remained (unusually) quiet on the subject, while producers Bob and Harvey Weinstein have been looking for someone to blame.

Here are some theories on the film’s grosses:

1) The title. Did the word ‘Porno’ drive people away, instead of pack the cinemas?

2) The poster. After the original concept was banned by the MPAA, a stick-figure campaign was unleashed. Was it wise to keep Rogen’s lovable schlub face off the posters? Check it out here.

3) Halloween. The film opened on Halloween, against Saw V. It’s a night where few people are going to the cinema (and if they are, they’re seeing something scary).

4) It’s a Kevin Smith film. Although $10 million may not seem like much for a Rogen film, it’s on par with Smith’s previous efforts. Smith himself has admitted his films make their money on DVD, so hopefully Zach and Miri will find it’s audience on home video.

Australia will have to wait until January 15 (!) to see the film. Make sure all you Kevin Smith fans show your support in cinemas next year. Until then, please enjoy this latest poster that (finally) features the two leads, Rogen and Elizabeth Banks.

Got to love that tagline: “A poster for everyone who finds our movie a little hard to swallow”.

The bright side: Although it will end up being Rogen’s lowest grosser to date, it may in fact end up as Smith’s highest grosser (projected $45 million). Also, the flick is sitting pretty at 7.9/10 on IMDB. This is a better score than all of Smith’s previous films, and is equal to his classic Clerks. So at least the fans love it.

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