Oprah Gives ‘Australia’ Thumbs Up – Guarantees Zillion Dollar Gross

Hallelujah! Good news to report about Baz Luhrmann‘s Australia! Finally!

Poor Baz has been through enough. On the set he had to deal with casting issues and harsh filming environments. In the last few months he’s had to handle the lacklustre reception of the film’s trailers and posters. And in the last week alone he’s admitted to having not completed the final cut of the film, and having changed the ending due to studio intervention.


But praise the Lord, Oprah, the highest living deity on Earth, has just given Baz the ultimate gift – association by name.

Luhrmann gave Winfrey and her audience the opportunity to watch a cut of the film (minus some special effects) last month. The show aired this week in the US, ahead of its November 26th debut.

And look what Oprah had to say:

“It’s the best movie I’ve seen in a long, long, long, long time … our hearts are all swelling because, my God, it’s just the film we needed to see. I have not been this excited about a movie since I don’t know when.”

Whether Oprah’s excitement is an accurate representation of the film’s quality or not, the $130 million epic has been thrown a lifeline in terms of its box office performance.

It’s a known fact that any novel promoted on Oprah’s Book Club becomes an instant best-seller. Imagine what her recommendation could do for a film.

If Oprah’s approximately 17 billion viewers decide to go see Australia based on her elation, at $14 a pop … well that’s math I can’t even do!

We’ll all find out on November 26 if Oprah is speaking the truth, and if her excitement actually translates into profit.

3 Responses to “Oprah Gives ‘Australia’ Thumbs Up – Guarantees Zillion Dollar Gross”

  1. Her recommendation is always pretty good – just ask Mr Obama!

  2. Oprah gets pretty enthusiastic about most things; sometimes I’ve found her judgement a bit dubious. For mine, the little I have seen of ‘Australia’ in the promo’s etc, it looks like a big load of you know what. The words stereotypical pap come to mind. Remember he is selling primarily to an overseas market, so we may be cringing with embaressment yet. I can just see it now, Hugh Jackman; shirtless, thumbing his nose at the local British upholding establishment, and teaching them a lesson or two. Nicole Kidman; pissy and repressed gradually letting the magic of the outback set her free, and aboriginals serving merely as some form of natural exotica like a waterfall or gum tree.

  3. Sounds like an accurate description of what I’m expecting – My summary is ‘Pearl Harbour’ with Aboriginals…

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